Saturday, October 06, 2012

October Light is Gold

One of my favorite places to go this time of year is Neff's Canyon. Here the leaves are the most spectacular. Maples blaze red. Cottonwoods are yellow. And the forest is just stunning.

Last year I wrote the following on my October 20th blog post:

Did you ever notice that this time of year, only for about two weeks, as the northern hemisphere shifts closer and closer to winter, that the light turns from bright and beautiful to liquid gold? It does. And it is happening. And it is magic. 

This means that James and I are outside every spare moment of every day. And more often than not I have my camera. The sky is blue, the mountains are a watercolor of green, yellow, red and orange, and the light that spills down is made of golden happiness. 

It sounds sappy, so I'll let the photos do the talking.

This year I was going to write something almost identical, but then I got the wise idea to just copy and paste from last year's post, because I loved the way I described it even a year later.
What made this year's trip to Neff's WAY better than last years? I have my baby girl in my arms instead of in my tummy. And E was there, so when I felt like the light was particularly amazing, I'd hoist my camera onto him and direct him on what I wanted.

And boy did these colors, kiddos, and husband deliver.

I said a couple of times that I felt like we were in Disneyland. How is it even possible that there is this much beauty in the world?

I act like E doesn't take amazing wonderful fantastic photos without direction. He does. See? He even made me look like an angel, halo and all. ;) No direction needed.

Do you spy a little boy in the big woods? Looks like a painting or a dream.
Gotta love Neff's.

And an animated gif for your liking! 
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  1. Super cute! We'll have to check out neff's canyon. It looks like the colors are still there! Is james wearing the raccoon rubgy shirt from gymboree? I just got zac the same one! Totally adorable.

  2. October light is gold! What fabulous photos! Our weekend was very cold, but it is supposed to warm up again. It looks like the weather has been really nice there!Thanks for sharing!

  3. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Amazing!!! The one of you and Juliet must be framed!! These photos are breath taking! We're so lucky such beauty is so close

    Auntie Melissa

  4. It's so pretty there! Gorgeous photos!

  5. Wow, I'm in Love with Autumn where you live. I love Autumn or Fall as you call it but its nothing like how you have it... I'm still mesmerised with the colours. Your kids are super cute


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