Thursday, October 20, 2011

October light is gold

Did you ever notice that this time of year, only for about two weeks, as the northern hemisphere shifts closer and closer to winter, that the light turns from bright and beautiful to liquid gold? It does. And it is happening. And it is magic.

This means that James and I are outside every spare moment of every day. And more often than not I have my camera. The sky is blue, the mountains are a watercolor of green, yellow, red and orange, and the light that spills down is made of golden happiness.

It sounds sappy, so I'll let the photos do the talking.

James and I took a little Mama/big boy hike the other day. No Dada, no playdate, just the two of us. We had such a good time and laughed the entire way.

I taught him to say "cheese" when I point the camera at him. This was a first, and brand new. This is his "cheese" face.
More "cheese!"
The yellow cottonwoods are splendid.
Yea... I know. It made my jaw drop when I was there in person too.
James is all about finding sticks these days. He loves a good stick. What boy doesn't?

Lots and lots of color.

I'd ask James what colors he'd see. Every time he'd say either "purple" (?) or "buuuu". The sky was quite blue.
There was this little puddle in this rock that James was fascinated with. He'd dip leaves in and out and make sure the muddy water was spread everywhere.
But when the light is gold even muddy puddles are magic.


  1. beautiful pictures!!! Where did you go? The colors are amazing!

  2. You're absolutely right about the gold! :) Those pictures are gorgeous. It's so fun to look back on your blog and see how much James has grown.

  3. Eliza,
    We went to the Neff's Canyon trailhead. Explored the meadow and hiked up the trail a short way.


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