Friday, October 21, 2011

Pregnancy quiz: 24 weeks {re-visiting 24 weeks...}

How far along: 24 weeks. Yes, last week I was also 24 weeks. This week too. Why? I got another ultrasound this week and baby showed she is still measuring 8 days slow. First ultrasound gave me an estimated due date of February 10th, instead of February 2nd. This ultrasound showed the same thing. Which means... my due date is now 8 days later than I thought. I better get used to this idea. Adding eight days to your due date is not a huge deal, because everything else with Baby Girl is perfect! The doc was also worried about my cervical length (something that really worried me), but they measured three times during the appt and all looks very good and back to normal. Phew.

Size of Baby: At the ultrasound they told me she weighed 1 lbs. 7 oz. Cute!

Sleep: Mine is ok. Pretty good actually. Still getting up a lot to pee, but fall asleep again easily. And James's one hour naps? Well I got sick of them. After they lasted a month, one day once he'd woken up I went in and told him nap time was not over and he needed more sleep. Amazing part? He fell back asleep. I know. I felt like a goddess with super-awesome-nap-power at my fingertips. Wish I'd tried this much earlier in the month.

Weight Gain: They weighed me at the docs this week and total weight gain at this point is 13 lbs.

Pregnancy Clothes: Oh yea. All day every day.

Movement: I love feeling her little kicks and jabs throughout the day. Later in pregnancy this gets really uncomfortable, but now it is a sweet reminder I've got a human in there.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Pelvic pressure and heart burn have been this week's constant companions.

Food Cravings: Indian food, which is weird because I was totally turned off by Indian food during my first pregnancy. After I got good news at my ultrasound appointment, E and I decided to order Indian take-out. Best idea ever.

What I miss: Normal clothes. It is crazy how not-fun getting dressed is. I look like a cow in everything and wear yoga pants all the time. (Yea for looking like I just rolled out of bed!)

What I am looking forward to: Halloween. This year we are going to take James trick-or-treating for the first time. I am so so so excited.

Weekly Wisdom: October rocks.

Best moment this week: Neff's Canyon with the boy. Also, we went to the zoo last weekend and the tigers were out of this world. One hopped into the water (something I've always been longing to see) and then two of the big males stood up on their hind legs and batted at each other and roared. It was so awesome.

Milestones: Perfect ultrasound. Passed the glucose test. Both are celebration worthy! Oh and re-visiting week 24. :)

Two cell photo photos to add to this post:

James had his first bowl of cereal with milk today before nap time. He loved it. He thinks cereal is called "please" because that's what I told him he needed to say to his friend yesterday when James was trying to devour all of their Cheerios.
And about three weeks ago another of James's friends had a birthday party and gave out pirate gold as a favor. James? In love. He thinks that Mabel is the one that should be wearing the "fancy" and follows her around all day trying to place it on her. Mabel is an awesome sport and is oftentimes found all decorated by James.

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  1. Oh that sweet Mabel!!! And read my comment from the post above!!! You look great! And I think I'm going to go around saying butter like James. It is just too cute!


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