Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Black and White Wednesday {Wheeler Farm}

Remember last week when I posted this photo, and said there were more Wheeler Farm photos to come? Yea, it's taken a week to get them posted...
Last week a couple of friends and I met up at Wheeler Farm to enjoy the AMAZING Indian Summer. The morning was cool and brisk, but soon warmed up enough for all of us to unzip our jackets and smile a little brighter. This weather has my heart. I love it.

All the corn was available for toddlers to explore. All the little ones took quite awhile in the corn rows before moving on.
Liz, my friend who has this adorable guy, is really dang good about setting up playdates and then inviting new Mamas along. I've met so many really neat ladies this way. Last year James and I went to Wheeler Farm alone, almost always. I always envied the groups of ladies I saw, each chasing their own toddler when they wander too far. This year I'm part of that group. Thank you Liz.

Oh and James? Always this serious when tractor driving. He makes a B-line right to the tractor as soon as we get there and it's like pulling teeth to get him off. He likes his big trucks.
Aren't the kiddos cute? The little guy on the left is a month older than James and the little girl on the right is a month younger. So great to compare toddler stories with other Mamas that have been there, done that.
Near the end of the day we stopped at James's favorite tree. This thing is massive and at least 200 years old. I'll have to get better photos of it when I have enough confidence in my boy to step back a few yards. Right now I'm worried he's going to topple right off. He does love tree climbing though.

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