Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Black and White Wednesday {Dada is home!!!}

Last week was rough. Let's not lie.

I try to keep a positive attitude in life. I feel like attitude counts for 90% of the outcome of any situation.

But 9 days without E (he left at the beginning of one weekend and didn't get home until the end of the following weekend) was a lot. Taking care of a toddler, non-stop, alone, being pregnant, while is snowed outside (yuck! I know!) was a little much.

Let's just say I am so so so glad that week was behind us. James had a rough week (my gentle boy started hitting again), and this Mama had a rough week.

But because I don't like to dwell on the bad, I rather focus on the good, here are ten really good things that happened over the last week:
  • With the turn of the weather we've started getting out James's fall/winter wardrobe. There are lots of adorable things I'm looking forward to this season.
  • After a week of cold and yuck, there has been a return of warm/amazing/beautiful fall weather!
  • Lots and lots of playdates with Mamas that offered their support.
  • The pumpkins in the garden are getting ever bigger! I think we'll pick them this weekend.
  • Tea in the morning, every morning.
  • Early bedtime for me. With E gone (and now jet lagged) we've been hitting the sack at 9 pm. Awesome, especially when James takes mini extra short naps these days.
  • Halloween decorations. I got them out while E was gone, and I'm loving them.
  • E getting home. This was the best part of the week by far.
  • The half dozen big hugs James gave E when he saw him. Both E and James were thrilled. Once the shock wore off, he'd play for a few minutes and then run back to Dada and give him a big long extended hug. It happened quite a few times and was amazing.
  • Dada being back on the morning breakfast routine. Homemade biscuits taste way better than a stale piece of toast. The company of another adult in the house? Beyond wonderful.
James is such a good kitchen helper. So good in fact, it makes it quite difficult to work. He wants "up!" and if you try to explain you need both hands, it doesn't matter. Both E and I have gotten quite good at one-handed cooking.

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  1. What a great post! Love the tender memories.


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