Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend at home

As I've mentioned again and again and again, I love autumn. We've had crisp and cool mornings with blue skies turing into dazzling afternoons.

Every moment we are outside. Our weekend was low key, a lot of breakfast cooking (E and James made breakfast both Saturday and Sunday), a lot of walks to the playground and a lot of parks.

We even joined E's family for dinner downtown to celebrate two birthdays. Which reminds me, ONE month from today James turns two. (I'll update with Wolfy photos tomorrow or Wednesday, I promise.) One month? Holy moly, kid, slow down!

My favorite moments over the weekend happened downtown at Citycreek Canyon. The light was magnificent. The leaves were on fire. The temperature couldn't have been better: warm in the sun and cool in the shade. I didn't bring my camera and it was wonderful. No pressure to take the perfect shot. Just us, E, James and I enjoying a beautiful Saturday afternoon in October.

I did get a few photos from the weekend however. Low key, close to home, nothing spectacular. Perfect.

Blue skies and autumn leaves, my favorite combo.
James is loving the slide these days.

I think we're getting our two-year molars so James is in an extra snuggly mood. He just discovered the simple joy of a back scratch, and asks for them multiple times a day.
Rocking my 24 week belly.
We took a walk around Granite Park and the trails were really sandy and soft. James thought they were an enormous sand box and came home covered in dirt. Hair down to his shoes.
Trail jogging. Both E and I had a tough time keeping up with him. Views = spectacular.
And gone are the days E can cook without a little helper. James is into everything and wants to be up and able to see all. Here is a video I took on Saturday morning. Love all his talking.


  1. I love all the great pictures you always post! However, we need to see more of the three of you together! I know that camera has a timer mode!

  2. Love the video! Such cute photos, too.

  3. We went to Granite Park too! Love the growing belly.

  4. You look fabulous at 24 weeks!!!


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