Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Family day on Monday

Since E didn't arrive home from Japan until late in the afternoon Sunday, he decided to take the next day as a comp day.

Monday started slow and wonderful, it felt like a weekend. E got up and made breakfast and then later in the day after he took a nice long nap, and James took a very short nap, we decided to go to Red Butte Garden.

The skies were gray and it threatened rain, but the fact that it was dry made us all want to get out and enjoy one of the last remaining non-winter days we have left.

Plus, I was hoping to get some photo for an autumn header.

We had a wonderful time wandering the garden. Hardly anyone was there due to the blustery autumny weather (it was so wonderful!). I got some great shots and enjoyed my two boys like never before.

We stayed until the last moment, until the gates were closing and they practically kicked us out. After a short visit with E's brother and his new kitty, we decided to make it a night and go to dinner too.
The way we got this smile and the one above in the header was to let James watch the construction vehicles next door. Sure grins that way.

Sometimes James doesn't want anything to do with holding hands. Other days he's as happy as a clam to hold either my hand or E's. These days are my favorite.

See? More hand-holding.

Smelling the flowers. He still exhales instead of inhales. So funny. I love his silly scrunched face.
Heart shaped leaf.
Red Butte Cafe (appropriate after Red Butte Garden) serves the best food. Seriously, the best. It has been a favorite of mine since early collage when I discovered the French Onion Soup.

James was fantastic, sitting in his high chair through the entire meal and happily eating his dinner. E ordered tacos (he always craves Mexican after a week in Asia) and I ordered their Herb Marinated Top Sirloin sandwich, which is crimini mushrooms, caramelized onion, huge chunks of gorgonzola, basil aioli, all served open faced on fococcia. Seriously, the best.
My delicious dinner.
As we were leaving, almost as an afterthought, E decided to order a piece of pie (BEST pecan pie I've ever tasted) for takeout.

Once we were home and got the babe in bed, we lit the fire, the candles and made tea. We sat in the living room enjoying each other's company and the best pecan pie the state has to offer.

My Halloween mantel. All the lit candles set the mood perfectly for pie and tea!
And did you notice my new header? I am in love with it. Want to see old headers (all of them, in order?!), then click above on the Headers tab. Or click here.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I have never been to Red Butte Garden and we should have headed there on Monday instead of to Silver Lake. We went too late. Snow. Ice. Cold. Pictures to come soon on the blog.

  2. Connie10:48 PM

    Nah, you guys still make the best pecan pie in the state for Thanksgiving!
    (And I still love James' commie hat!)

  3. I love the photos! It sounds like you had a nice day.

    I love your decorations.

  4. yaaay! Family Fun days are the best! I'm loving James's hat! Super Stylin'


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