Saturday, October 01, 2011

Granite Park

I love discovering new parks close to home. Seriously, it gives me chills and makes me breathe quickly. When I find a new park I feel like I have another wonderful little gem, a gem that I can share with James on these beautiful autumn days.

A friend introduced me to Granite Park about two weeks ago and I was hooked. The views of little Cottonwood Canyon blew me away. The fact that it connected to the larger Dimple Dell Park, so there were lots of trails and exploring to be done only made me want to go back.

And yesterday we did. E had a comp day so he was home. He'd heard me talking about this "amazing" "stunning" "glorious" new park and he just had to see for himself. My camera was not left at home; the light is so beautiful on September mornings.

These views kill me. What's even neater? There are home that overlook the park, hence getting this view. Can you imagine seeing this out of your kitchen window? Unreal.
All the wild sunflowers are still in bloom.
Love this photo, even the mad face. James did not want to go where we wanted. Finally (after more time and quite a few requests), E picked him up. Tears and snot can turn on and off in a heartbeat.

I laughed when I saw this photo on my preview screen. These two? Mirror images of each other. James will even tell you he's "mini-me!".
The man I adore with every cell of my being.
And the boy who has my heart. I love this photo, not for the happy sunflowers or the pristine mountain, but for the fact that both his little feet are off the ground. Ha!


  1. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! I love them! I just added you to my blog list, so I can keep up with you. I also love all of these beautiful parks you visit. We'd love to get together with you at one when your hubby comes home. We'll be in touch.

  2. There is a playground right across the street from our new house that James might like :)

  3. The last photo isnjust the best!!

  4. That last photo is just awesome! His expression is cracking me up!

  5. oh i LOVE that park too! and the dimple dell trail is such a fun place to explore. my dad had some geocaches hid through there at one point :)

  6. I need a list of all your favorite parks and small easy hikes so come next spring I can have places to take my new little man!!


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