Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Fallfall with Dada {Black and White Wednesday}

Before E left we decided to take James up the canyon to visit a "huge fallfall" aka waterfall. His request of course.

We thought he'd love Lisa Falls because of the short hike, amazing waterfall that you could get next to, and shallow water.

We were wrong.

He was grumpy and grouchy and we ended up turning around ten minutes after we arrived.

I did get a few photos though. Most were lovely to change into black and white. Some just needed to stay in color.

Me with baby bump. Twenty two and a half weeks along.
James with a stick in the shallow water. The rock wall next to him is what the waterfall tumbled down. Seems perfect, right?
In the water. It might be fun to try this hike again next summer, we'll see.
Such a pretty happy waterfall.
Hiking back down the trail after a meltdown.
The beautiful canyon on the way home.
Last note: I posted this on Tuesday, not Wednesday. I think I'm looking forward to this week to come to an end. I'm adding days wherever I can. ;)

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