Meet Juliet

Juliet Clara
Born 2/8/12
Sweet perfection

Juliet is a happy girl, a smart little lass, a snuggle bunny. She is perfection.

Juliet is happiest when she is playing in the water or running around with James outside. She loves exploring the garden with James and adores our daily walks.

She and James are the best of friends, bathing together every night (highlight of the day for both of them), playing together well during the day, and always looking for each other when the other is missing.

Juliet was the most amazing addition to our family. I've dreamed of having a daughter forever. Ever and ever. And here she is. And she is more amazing than I ever dreamed.

She loves her Daddy, her silly and goofy brother who is always working hard to get her to smile, and the kitties. And she simply adores her Mama as well.

E and I never imagined we could be so happy as we are. Parenthood rocks, and you don't know how awesome it will be until you're there. And it's pretty damn awesome.

Juliet is a snuggler, a tease, a goof. We just adore her.

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And here is a peek into her nursery!

Finally, from 1 month until a year. To see more of these photos, click on "Patsy Ann" above.

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