Saturday, February 18, 2012

Juliet's Nursery

It all started about eight months before James was born when I found an image online of a very whimsical tree that I just loved. The idea of using it as a centerpiece as a nursery image came to life. Even before I knew if I was having a boy or a girl, I knew I wanted to have this tree beside the crib. Around the rest of the room I wanted silhouettes of woodland animals, giving the room a very gender neutral and whimsical feeling. For the crib bedding I switched out James's green and blue for pink sheets and bumper. Nothing, other than the woodland animals, and the tree will give this room a 'theme'.

Before James came along, I started hunting for animal silhouettes to add to the room. I wanted friendly animals, nothing scary, but nothing cartoony either, and I wanted all the animals to be ones you might actually find in the woods. I wanted all the silhouettes to look real, but get the whimsical feeling from the colors I chose (gold,orange, red, blue). When we found out Juliet was a girl I decided to add one more animal: a raspberry colored fox.

Also, we switched out James's white shelves for pink, added a few blossoms to the tree, and a flower necktie to the hare. With a few gender specific accessories, James's "boy nursery" was ready for our little girl.

Do you spy the fox? She is the largest animal in the room.

At some point soon I will blog about James's big boy room. It is so cute, but I decided to sew my own curtains (what was I thinking?!) and have yet to even begin. Since I want to show the room finished, you'll have to wait. ;)


  1. Such a sweet room. Maybe someday she will love her crib as much as your big boy! So glad I could contribute some cute girliness to the punk shelves.

  2. Love it!! What a delightful room, you have done a wonderful job!

  3. I love how simple this is! I notice a lot of times people clutter up the nursery because they don't plan things or think them through. This is gorgeous!

  4. I LOVED James's boy nursery, and I ADORE how you modified it into a girl nursery for Juliet. I either want my future nursery to be classic Winnie the Pooh or whimsical like this. I can't decide. :) I guess I have a while to think about it though!
    I don't know if you're planning on having any more children or not, or if you're happy with your "one boy, one girl" set up now, but if you have another boy, would you modify it back to a boy room?
    P.S. I love that little stove!


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