Sunday, February 12, 2012

Life with a newborn

You forget. I swear I'd never forget, but you do.

Life with a newborn is hard. Like really hard.

There were two things I was most worried about when bringing Juliet home.

Number one: James. How would he react? Would there be tantrum after tantrum and aggressive behavior? I was so worried.

This had turned into something I didn't need to worry about. At all. James is doing fantastic! My word! Such a good big brother. He loves Juliet and doesn't seem at all bothered when I need to spend endless hours feeding her because Dada is home! We've tried to keep James's day to day life the same, other than the fact that now E takes him out each day instead of me. Proof my boys are awesome.

Number two: sleep.

With James I went from sleeping okay to not sleeping at all. Sleep was my biggest enemy. James was a great sleeper, I was fighting with myself. With Juliet, things are very different. She dislikes her crib and has found the only way to sleep is while being held. I always thought that babies just kinda slept wherever. That's what James did (for the most part, we still had rough nights with him), but Juliet, sweet Juliet, only wants to be snuggled. This has taken a huge impact on me. I adore my sleep and hardly function without it. But after two nights of nearly constant rocking and nursing, E and I have decided to give co-sleeping a try. She sleeps so well on my chest during the day, we need to figure out a solution. For the sake of all things holy. Today we bought this co-sleeper crib that fits in the bed, because E and I are worried about a newborn inside the covers with two highly exhausted adults on either side of her. Scary stuff.

So tonight will be the first night with our new plan. I hope to get some rest.

And what I forgot about that's also hard? Postpartum hormones. I completely forgot what a wild ride these are. I don't have the baby blues, but with the lack of sleep and the fact I'm still recovering, some days have seemed a little bleak. Nothing that a week or two won't fix though. I remember the hormone roller coaster didn't stick around long after James's delivery.

So while life is difficult with a newborn, it really is great too. Juliet is amazing (unless it is 2:00 am) and barely makes a peep all day. She is so small and sweet and cozy. I'm telling you, this girl knows how to snuggle. Every time I look at her, every time I touch her sweet little head, or take a nap with her in my arms, my love for her grows.

James is beyond amazing. My love for him seems so huge to what it was only a week ago. James is smart and funny and charming and adjusting beautifully. And, my husband. Man oh man he has been beyond fantastic. He is up with Juliet as much as I am at night, but he also entertains James all day, makes all the meals, cleans up all the meals, gets me everything I need and pretty much is my rock. On Tuesday we celebrate 13 years together!

Juliet in her coming home outfit. I bought the bonnet the day I found out I was having a girl, and I just love it.
James is really interested. Why would someone so cute hate her crib? James by the way, still loves his crib!
How we spend a lot of time during the day. I bought James "Finding Nemo" before Juliet was born, and he is obsessed! He loves this movie (calls it "Silly Daddy Fishy movie") and watches it daily. These moments in bed with my two sweet children are honestly the best.
Juliet doing what she does best, sleeping the day away!


  1. She is a doll Jessica. I so hope you get some sleep soon.

  2. Thanks for your honest account of life with a newborn! It's honestly really refreshing to read especially since quite a few people I know seem to sail through that time - I'm expecting my 2nd any day now and while I'm very excited, I also am nervous for exactly the reasons you are. I had some major post-partum insomnia after my first, so I know that struggle as well... I hope that somehow you are able to get some sleep soon!

  3. My Kade was the same way. He was a snuggle bug and refused to sleep in his crib. He had to be balled up on my chest. So sweet, but exhausting! Juliet is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations, again and again.

  4. Connie10:56 PM

    Juliet is just like her daddy! He would not sleep in his crib, ever. We did the co-sleep thing, but we didn't have any fancy co-sleeping tools. I didn't want anything to happen to him, so I just never really got any deep sleep for 18 months!!! That does things to your brain you never quite recover from. (Explains a few things, doesn't it?)HAHAHA!

  5. Juliet is absolutely adorable! And it makes my heart so squishy to see James as the most awesome big brother ever. Life with a newborn is hard and I have probably blocked out a lot of it!!! Hope co-sleeping works well for you. I don't know if you remember but we co-slept with Avi for a bit and it worked for us.

    Also, I have been dying to talk to you on the phone so whenever you feel up to it, please text me, I'd love to say congratulations!!! (I know what these first few weeks are like, so no rush ;) )

    Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Anniversary!!!


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