Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Overdue. 6 days (and counting)

No baby yet.

I kinda knew I wouldn't have a baby yet.

Since the beginning of this pregnancy, when I measured 8 days slow (setting my due date at February 10th), I figured I wouldn't have my baby until the tenth, or pretty close to the tenth, even though my "official" due date was 6 days ago.

Am I feeling anxious? Sure. But really not that much. The first time around all I wanted was to go into labor. This time? Not so much. I am completely happy to be induced on Friday, if I have any choice in the matter.

I am soaking up all these last moments with James. I love it. It's just us, we've been to parks, the book store, some friend's houses, and I am so enjoying the time with just him. I feel like at any moment this time, with him and only him, will be finished. I don't want to feel like it was hurried or rushed or wished away. Far from it, I am so so so going to miss this.

That said? I've started having contractions! Not anything strong, or close, or regular, but most definitely there. They started last night, mostly stopped while I slept (thank goodness) and I've had a few more this morning. We will see.. I went into labor naturally the day before James was induced, so I'm wondering if it will be the same this time around. Very exciting to say the least.

And doesn't this post remind you so much of this one? Yea, me too.

Send me good pregnancy vibes, and before you know it, I'll be posting photos of Baby Dos!



  1. Connie1:41 PM

    You can and should have mommy and son dates when you get back on your feet. It will keep you close and he will not be so jealous of the time you need to spend with sister. And, of course, E should do the same. It can be as little a thing as going to get ice cream together.
    (And, my bags are packed and I'm waiting for the "damma" call.)

  2. I always get SO anxious towards the end of a pregnancy with the waiting and not knowing when the little babe will decide to come... but it's also SO exciting!! You are about to have a little GIRL!! I'm so excited to hear about her arrival. :)

  3. I'm sending you well wishes for labor! :)


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