Friday, February 24, 2012

Life with two kiddos

This week has been my first week alone. E is back to work, and I, goddess of the children, need to strive forward and survive for 10 hours each day. I hasn't been that bad really. Juliet loves to nurse and to be held, so as long as I'm doing one or both of those things, at all times, life is smooth. ;)

James and I have never really stayed in, so the fact that we have less activities has been hard on him and on me. We both go a little stir-crazy around here.

So we've been filling our time with a few playdates at our house, lots of time playing in the basement, and quite a few walks. One walk went well, Juliet fell asleep halfway through and stayed asleep for two hours post walk. Yesterday's walk was a bit comedic, however. James now doesn't walk, he runs. Fast. For the entire "walk". So as he was barreling down the sidewalk, and I was doing my best to keep up with him, he falls. Hits hard. Cries a lot. I feel so bad for the kiddo. Not two minutes later, once he's calmed down and running again, Juliet starts crying. Wanting milk.

I've got this though. This whole two kiddo thing.

I pull her out of the stroller, attach her to the boob (have to face a fence for a moment of privacy!) and then we are off again. Me holding the baby with one arm and pushing the stroller with the other hand, James running ahead as happy as can be. Juliet nursed for a good 30 minutes, all while I was wielding the unwieldy stroller. Every time a car drove by I smiled. This HAD to look comical. And it was. I love my new crazy life.

So that was a long story to apologize for the lack of photos of James. I've taken a few cell phone photos, but I've hardly gotten my big camera out recently, and the one day I did, I only snapped these of Juliet.

I will strive to be better. This weekend I'll get some photos of both of my sweet kiddos, because after all, both of them together is what makes this family so crazy awesome.

This dress? It was mine when I was a baby. It is so delicate and cute, I think I'll use it for Juliet's 1 month photos, which is coming surprisingly fast!


  1. Connie12:51 PM

    OMG! She is so beautiful! These are great pictures!
    I know how crazy the multiple kid thing is, and just how much you can love it. And it really does go by so quickly. Absorb every second of it!
    (Doesn't James turn 27 months today?)

  2. I have been thinking about you ALL week. I'm glad that it went well. Your a great mom and I'm totally impressed by your nursin\walking/ stroller pushing skills! Talented. Would love to see u guys soon. Maybe next Wed? I should probably come get my dishes and tray out of your way!
    Love to u and sweet Juliet and James.

  3. You are amazing, I am still trying to adjust with one kid. She is beautiful!


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