Monday, February 06, 2012

Our last weekend as a family of three {so bittersweet}

As of right now, the plan is for me to be induced this Friday, (OMG! WHAT??!! Yea, kinda freaking out a bit...) which means last weekend was our last as a family of three.

This is so bittersweet.

We adore our family of three. James is wonderful and smart and amazing and the thought that we will change all of that makes me more than a little sad. E too, he said he was feeling so sad and tender last weekend, it just doesn't seem real.

So we decided to make the most of it. James is feeling better (not like last Saturday) and was being sweet and wonderful and perfect.

We woke up on Saturday and did our favorite thing in the world: cook. E and James made "oven pancakes" which are our favorite German Pancakes. We make this recipe almost weekly, especially in the winter and it is amazing. Buttery and lemony and divine. James loves them too, and eats a huge amount.
A few months ago we always gave James a little bowl of flour that he could mix while E worked on the real breakfast. He wasn't fooled. Now he wants to be right in the action, cracking the eggs (with help and a lot of time removing fragments of shell), whisking the milk and butter and even adding the "spice".
I mostly stayed sitting and enjoyed Dada and James doing what they do best.
German Pancakes get really puffed up in the oven. Sometimes they are even taller than this, it's pretty fun.
After breakfast we went to the park and enjoyed the mild temperatures. Where is winter? No idea, but I really don't care. These mild temperatures and sunny skies make me so so happy.

James has been excellent with not wanting to be picked up a lot lately. He says "no help, Dames do it" with most things and can even climb into his car seat unassisted now. But when he saw me posing for photos he ran over and asked "up up?" so I had to oblige. He's heavy, but I adore that he wants to be in my arms. So here I am, 40+ weeks pregnant with a heavy toddler and a knee to my tummy. (Looking forward to not being in the same outfit for every photo soon! Seriously, what gives?!)
Happy boy.

Found a big branch, of course.
The rest of the weekend was filled to the brim, a trip to the Planetarium, dinner at our favorite downtown restaurant (which James happens to love too!), a trip to the pool and even another visit to the aquarium. We stayed very busy, considering I'm over due and slower than a sloth, but by the end of the weekend, nobody wanted the fun to end.

I will miss this. Very much. James, you are going to make an incredible big brother, but you made an awesome only child too. I simple adore you.


  1. I just read your blog post and would you believe that I also made german pancakes on saturday? hootenanies! A friend introduced us to them a few years ago and we love them. I make them every year for christmas breakfast. Yours has lemon? I'll have to get that recipe from you to try!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. (above deleted comment was from me too, I used the wrong account though)

    So cute! Those german pancakes are pretty crazy with how big they get in the oven.
    Ya know, are you really supposed to be lifting a toddler when you're at 40 weeks? ;) Big kudos to you for doing it though! I have a friend who's about 2 weeks from her due date and I think she's got the same shirt you're wearing in the pic of you and James. :)

  4. Not gonna lie, in the 2 days between these posts I had hoped you had gone into labor!

    What exactly are German pancakes?

    Ahhhh, can't wait to finally "meet" your baby girl!

    xoxo Meghan

  5. Connie10:32 PM

    I have to fish egg shells out of things I make now, too. Never had to until lately. I guess that's why "dammas" and grandkids get along so well--we're both not very coordinated.
    But I'm glad you guys had such a fun "last" weekend! I love you all so much!


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