Thursday, February 02, 2012

Today is my (official) due date!

Isn't it crazy that I have two due dates? February second (today!!!) is my official due date. However, I've had three ultrasounds, each showing that Baby Girl is growing eight days slow, so in my mind, my due date is, in fact, February 10th.

I had my 40 week doctors appointment yesterday and we discussed the possibility of needing to be induced. I decided if I wasn't in labor naturally by the tenth, then the tenth it is! I wasn't induced with James, but as you remember, being six days overdue, I was pretty close to that.

My feeling is that I'll have this baby late next week. No real science to it, just a feeling (plus, if she doesn't come on her own, we will induce, my oh my!). That said, I really could have this baby at anytime. And that is scary and exciting!

The realization that I'm going to a Mama of two is really the only thing on my mind as of late. I've been bouncing back and forth from extremely excited to really really nervous. I know I can do this though. There will be hard moments (sometimes terrible moments) but I know this Baby Girl is going to be the best most wonderful gift our family of three has ever had. We'll be a family of four soon.

Some things I'm looking forward to:
  • A baby girl. Oh my, so excited to have a daughter and a son.
  • To share her name here. It is beautiful and perfect and wonderful. If you know our name choice, please make sure to keep quiet until I've announced it.
  • Holding her. Smelling her. Loving her. Telling her that I simply adore her.
  • Seeing E do all these things with his new daughter.
  • Nursing. Nursing is something I was really unsure about the first time around, but it is amazing. Snuggly, and comforting, and awesome.
  • Seeing James with his sister (this is also something that is giving me the most anxiety! My boy doesn't want Mama's eyes anywhere other than on himself!)
  • Being able to someday (soonish) fit into normal clothes. My maternity stuff if feeling worn-out and tired.
  • Valentine's Day. E and I will celebrate 13 years together.
And aren't these tummy photos a total crack up? James was quite happy to show off his tummy to the camera on Sunday. Love that kiddo.
PS - No, I'm not up at 1:30 am, just was excited to post that it was my due date, so wrote this entry yesterday.


  1. Those are quite possibly the cutest belly pictures I've ever seen!
    You'll be a great mom of two and I bet James will love being your little helper.
    Congrats to you and E on celebrating 13 years!

  2. I've been following you for almost a year. I loved watching James grow and I can't wait for baby girl to get here!

    Your belly is beautiful, but I am betting she is going to top that :P


  3. What an awesome and creative photo! We've been thinking about you guys the last couple days. Very excited for your new addition!! Bring us a happy and healthy baby asap :)

  4. Jessica11:01 PM

    Happy happy due date dear friend! Can't wait to meet baby girl and see how beautiful she is. Your going to be a great momma of two and take some amazing photos of your kiddos together over the next lifetime!

  5. Anonymous8:31 PM

    You look cute, I am so jealous you don't have stretch marks.

  6. Have you decided yet what you will photograph your baby girl with when you do her monthly photo? Will it be one of your American Girls or perhaps a Bitty baby that looks like her?

  7. Anna, I actually have yet to decide what I'll do with Baby Girls photos. I might do another plush but a doll sounds nice as well. :)


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