Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day to day life

We are home way more now than before Juliet's birth. One day we'll be out and about again, but now, now is the perfect time to stay in. With a little girl that loves to nurse and hates her carseat, and a boy that is pretty good at home, I've been trying to keep a balance of new home activities, and getting out a bit.
We've been dressing Juliet in James's hand-me-downs. This means that she looks like a boy a lot of the time, but we love it. Was James this little once? Surely not. (Here is a photo of James is the same outfit.)
We've been taking a lot of walks. The days are so mild and it is an easy way to get out, without getting in the car. Juliet stayed asleep for this walk, thank goodness.
James has been such a helper and loves to push the stroller.
Late afternoon sun. James in the lead. E visiting a neighborhood kitty and me pushing the babe. Just a single moment of my new beautiful life.
I've done a few art projects with James, trying to keep him more interested in staying at home. Markers on the paper? Boring. His hands were covered by the end of the 15 minutes he stayed interested. I was nursing the baby, and it didn't matter how many times I said "not on your hands, markers are for paper".
Such an artist.
The back of his hand really did get some nice patterns.
Another day we made homemade play dough. He loved mixing the ingredients but was a little unsure of what to do with the play dough once it was done. I showed him the ropes, and soon he was playing on his own.


  1. oh I love how you so appreciate the little sweet moments in a day as a mommy... you remind me that life is so good :) whenever we get out playdough, the favorite things to use with it are toothpicks and cookie cutters... seems you are the same :)

  2. I love your little family :)
    I also love you putting Juliet in James's old clothes! Who cares if she looks like a boy sometimes, the memories are too cute!



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