Thursday, March 01, 2012

Surprise Cookies

My dear friend Jessica delivered the most fantastic dinner to our doorstep only days after Juliet was home. She included these amazing cookies and after the first bite I was in love. I'm not much of a cookie girl, but since Juliet's birth I've decided I adore chocolate. Weird, since before chocolate never really did it for me.

Anyway, these cookies? Out of this world.

I asked Jessica for the recipe and she told me that they were Martha Stewart's surprise cookies. I HAD to have more. So yesterday, once James was awake from his nap, I decided to get out all the ingredients and make them.

Of course Juliet woke up three minutes into the entire process and would not let me put her down. She wanted to be held, to nurse, to snuggle and if I put her down for even a moment she would scream.

So there I was, in the kitchen (and still dressed in my PJs even thought it was now four p.m.) with a toddler on a stool, cocoa powder dusting every surface, and a baby on the boob. I tried the Moby wrap, to see if she would at least let me have my arms free, and she wouldn't tolerate it for more than three minutes.

As I looked around my kitchen, which now every surface was covered in chocolate batter, and my extremely messy toddler, I had to laugh. With one hand on Juliet (who was still on the boob) and my eye on James, I grabbed my camera.

And once James was tired of cooking, and Juliet was still hungry, I whipped up the frosting with one hand and topped these cookies. Then I ate about three, because after all the effort, I was glad the cookies turned out perfectly.

This is during the three minutes or so that Juliet was in the Moby Wrap. I was nursing her, and she was happy for a moment. She didn't stay happy for long though.
Two trays of cookies complete (minus the three that I scarfed right after this photo was taken).


  1. YAY for Suprise Cookies and Moby wrap looks perfect...Maybe Juliet will tolerate it a little better with more use. Aren't these cookies out of this world?! Seriously the best. Miss you friend!

  2. Connie2:52 PM

    Ok. I down loaded these recipes. I am seriously tempted to make them. What's stopping me? Knowing the work I'm going to have to do at the gym to lose them off my bod!
    But I'd kiss the chocolate off that darling boy's face anytime!


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