Thursday, March 08, 2012

Juliet is one month! Photos with Patsy Ann

Juliet is already one month old. Oh my!

Juliet has always been a snuggle bunny, happiest in someone's arms (preferably Mama's). She loves to nurse for endless hours, filling her tiny belly only to barf when it reaches maximum capacity. She's adorable, amazing and already losing some of her dark hair (sob!).


She loves her brother (watches him) and her brother adores her. She likes bath time with Mama and James (yea, that's a very full bathtub), and likes snuggles in Mama's bed. Being outside as long as she gets to nurse. Her favorite thing of all is Mama's boobs. ;)


Getting clothes changed. Getting diaper changed. Being put down. Not being held by Mama.

Now, onto pictures!

One month! Not nearly strong enough to not slump over instantly and look highly confused to why I'm trying to sit her up. Also, the doll, Patsy Ann, isn't she the sweetest? I got her years ago, and I just knew a daughter would love her one day.
"Why are you not holding me? Why are you not feeding me?!" Juliet asks. (Doesn't this remind you so much of this photo of James from his one month update?)

Outfit details:
Dress, bloomers and sweater - Walmart. There is a funny story behind this little dress (which is one of my all time favorites), when I was in my early 20s I saw this at Walmart for $8 or so, and thought it was so adorable. I knew if I bought a premie size that it would fit my baby dolls, so I purchased it. Never did I plan on dressing a daughter in it! So glad it fit! Wished I'd purchased more sizes, because the detailing is awesome and the sweater is so soft and delicate. Click here to see a few more photos of the sweet girl and the sweet dress.

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