Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Dames hiding"

James has been loving hide and seek games lately. He either asks for the "get you game" or the "Dames hiding game".
Often when he's playing he'll tell you where he'd like you to hide. "Mama hide right here!" or he'll narrate where he's hiding. It is the funniest thing when E asks "hmmm, where is James, is he under the desk?" and you hear a little voice say "no!".

E continues asking, "is he under the big table?" (what James calls the kitchen table).


"Is he behind the curtains?"

"Yes!" Both E and I get a huge kick out of how he doesn't quite get the point of hide and seek yet. Man, this age is awesome.
The other day we noticed the forsythia was in full bloom on the side yard. James was enthralled. "Yellow flowers! Beautiful!"Today he requested the "Dames hiding game" near the yellow flowers. Hmmm... where is that kiddo?
If he can't see me, I certainly can't see him. ;)
Oh there he is!

He is so funny. So smart. Such a goof. He tells me all the time when he's acting silly, "careful kiddo!" or "be careful goof!" which are two things I say to him all the time, apparently.
Lashes. Flowers. Spring. A boy that I would give my life for a million times over. And as I sit here typing this post, I have Juliet asleep on my lap. Her little breaths so soft and delicate. Life is perfect.


  1. So dang cute! These are precious moments that bring tears to my eyes because it reminds me of my kids and how fun exciting and cute they are. I wouldn't change theses moments for the world. I love reading your blog. I feel like our worlds are very similar with little games and trying to entertain a 2 1/2 year old while taking care of a precious baby girl.

  2. I LOVE the pictures! What cool photos and memories. Thanks for making me smile!



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