Friday, March 16, 2012

Our life in photos

A lot of my daily photos are taken with my cell phone. I love texting them to E throughout the day. If it's a photo that I especially like, I'll share on Instagram. Here are some of my recent favorites. I'm HappierStill on Instragram, if you want to follow.

1. James playing "raccoon" in the hollow log at Wheeler Farm. 2. Dry bean activity. I thought he could scoop them and such. All the beans ended up on the floor and the bowl turned into a helmet. 3. Me and my girl (who's lost most her hair).

4. My sweet Juliet. 5. Trying the baby wrap for the second time (she didn't scream!). 6. Snow melting at Murray Park.

7. If I need a few minutes to nurse Juliet and James is acting antsy, I ask him if he wants to wash hands (play in the sink). This usually buys me a good 15 minutes. 8. James wanted to share his crayons with Juliet and proceeded to stack them all on her tummy. 9. Tiny baby foot.

10. More baby wearing. 11. Her favorite place to sleep EVER. 12. Mama snuggles.

And here are a few from day to day life around here, when I remember to get my big camera out.

Baby wearing again. This is how I look 50% of the day. She only wants to be held and if I'm trying to keep James happy too, I need my hands free.
This particular evening she fell asleep in my arms and she was just so cute, so tiny. I told E to grab a few photos of us, or I would always regret it.
James, Juliet, and I see my Grandma once a week or so. It's been a long time since James has wanted to be held, so my Grandma is thrilled to have a new sleepy baby to rock.
This photo totally cracks me up. E was resting with Juliet on the couch one day and James climbed up and said "nap too". Then he pretended to be sleeping and even closed his eyes. I love his little half grin and kicking legs, obviously not sleeping. ;)


  1. Hi! Sorry I missed your gchat yesterday. I love all the pictures :)

  2. Connie3:59 PM

    Such a precious family! I love all of these!


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