Friday, March 23, 2012

This little girl

This little girl has been doing a lot of crying as of late. I think we have a touch of colic here. Oh boy, when she gets going it is not fun for anyone. James hates it (who can blame him). So today when she conked out on the couch I was thrilled. Sleeping babies means they aren't crying. And that, my friend, is a very very good thing.
Things aren't all bad though, because this little girl? Slept NINE hours last night! Hello awesome!

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  1. 9 hours? that's incredible. Both my kids went through a phase when they were about 8-10 weeks old where they had a lot of gas and weren't too happy... but my pediatrician reassured me both times that it was just a part of their tummies and digestive systems adjusting to life and growing. I thought for sure it was colic, but for both it was really only a week or two before they were back to their happy selves. I tried gripe water with jones, and it seemed to help with the crying, but you never really know :) Unsolicited advice. Sorry :)

    Thanks for the brilliant suggestion for Jonesy's birthday! It's on a Saturday this year, so I think we'll totally take a trip to the beach. Thanks so much for the idea. I've always wanted to go since I saw your pictures there.


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