Monday, March 12, 2012

Red Butte Garden in the spring

The weather last weekend was divine. Unbelievably beautiful. I was feeling cooped up and brave, willing to risk taking my little hungry girl on our first bigger outing. And what better place than our family's favorite, Red Butte Garden.

The very early daffodils were already in bloom. I am so excited to go back in April and take our family's annual photo, with all of us dressed in yellow.
Last year I wrote: You know those things that you remember doing all the time as a kid? Maybe a specific park or always visiting a specific restaurant? How you feel nostalgic about it, stating to anyone that will listen "we always went there when I was a kid, and I loved it."

That is Red Butte Garden for my family.

We always go there. And we always love it.

I was so so excited to introduce the garden to this little girl. She slept in her car seat like a perfect angel the entire time. I said to E that it reminded me so much of our first visit to the garden with James. The seasons were different but the sleepy babies were the same.
James adores Red Butte and we have had to start spelling it in his presence, because if he hears it mentioned, he does not forget and asks again and again to go. Glad on Saturday we could fulfill the little guy's wish.
One thing that makes me really happy? Snowdrops in bloom. They are always the first to arrive and I take a photo of them every single year. I love them that much.
A few other early bloomers were awake too!

Dada with the stroller and Juliet. Whenever she would stir, we'd just roll the stroller over some bumpy ground (or grass) and she'd drift back off.
Had to post another of this series. His smile just kills me.
Almost every time we go to the garden I get a shot of James on this bridge watching the waterfall (which is still his favorite thing in the entire world). This time the bridge held both my children, and that is an awesome feeling.
And I said to E a couple of times, is there anything more perfect in this world than a baby girl in a pink bonnet?

Happy spring.

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