Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daffodils in the garden

It rained on and off yesterday morning. They skies were gray and dark. I was so bummed because I was hell-bent on going to Red Butte Garden to get our annual photo with the daffodils.

After James's nap I was thrilled to see the skies were blue and clear; the air warm! We all dressed in yellow and piled into the car with our camera and tripod. And it was so worth it. We joked on the way up that this has to be a tradition. In a blink of the eye James will be 15 and begging us not to go to Red Butte in matching shirts. He'll want to hang out with his friends, play video games. Well, even then, he'll be forced to go. ;)

Two years ago I was freshly pregnant. I'd only found out about a month before. We went to Red Butte, set up the tripod and got this photo.
Last year I had a 4.5 month old. We went to Red Butte, set up the tripod and got this photo with the most smiley happy baby on the planet.
This year we have a very active toddler that did not want to sit on either of his parents' laps for half a second. We went to Red Butte, set up the tripod and got this photo. I am thrilled we have one with a smile on his face (even if I'm not looking at the camera).
E and I sometimes feel that there is no documentation that we were there too. We are trying to get in the habit of turning the camera on ourselves more often. I want James to remember I was there with him.

Isn't Red Butte amazing? It is a huge garden right at the base of the mountains.
Self portrait! I need to do this more often.
My litte tree hugger. We love that he loves trees so much.

This series totally cracks me up. I have been wanting more photos of James and I together so I eagerly passed my camera to E. Notice how much James wanted to sit still and smile for yet another photo.

We are trying to teach James that he can only visit the trees that are not in the middle of blooming flower beads. He wasn't too happy with the rule.
Ahh! E was able to get a photo before James hopped off my lap and ran away. Love it.
James loves watching the waterfall from this bridge. Seems like we have a lot of photos on this bridge (this being one of my favorites).
My two little rays of sunshine. Love these boys.
There are a couple of swings in the garden. As I was snapping this photo I thought about this photo, from two months ago, such a deja-vu.


  1. What a beautiful place!

  2. So cute! I love how you wore the same shirts each time! Caroline just commented on how VERY cute James is. She loves looking at your blog with me. Happy Spring!


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