Monday, April 04, 2011

Birthday bliss weekend: Part 1

I have no idea how many blog posts I will break the weekend into, I just know that this weekend was glorious. Really really glorious. I wouldn't change a thing. (That is totally not true, I wasn't loving that James woke up crying in his crib at 5:10 am on Saturday morning and would not go back to sleep...) The 30th birthday card E gave me might deserve its very own post. It was just that beautiful.

But other than the early wake-up we had such a fabulous weekend.

E decided to take Friday off so we could spend a three day weekend together, and Thursday night was so mild we decided to grill our turkey burgers outside and then eat dinner on the patio. I don't think we've ever before eaten dinner outside this early in the season. At this point it was still March!

Friday was beautiful. Like seriously off-the-wall spectacular. E wanted to do a slow smoke on his grill so we could have pulled pork for dinner. So while E prepped his grill and the meat on Friday morning James and I played in the backyard. It was sixty five degrees and just heavenly.

After two hours of reading and relaxing outside on a blanket thrown over the grass, James woke up from his nap. We decided to go to the garden again, because we never get tired of soaking up the sunshine at Red Butte Garden.

We all wore short sleeves. We watched the birds and looked for bunnies. We relaxed on our favorite bench and visited the geese. We had an amazing time. And by the time we got home, the pork was smoked to perfection and we enjoyed yet another fantastic summer inspired meal.
I love that this goose was close enough that you can see his wet beak. I think he was begging.
James is still fascinated with lights. He loves them so much. These garden lights on the path were not turned on, but he made sure to check every single one. And since E brought his camera, there are finally some pictures of me!

Most of the garden has not yet bloomed, but there was a tiny garden near the rose arbor that was fresh with beautiful spring color.

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  1. I was looking forward to some good food pictures! I think Ray would enjoy that grill.


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