Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring in my garden

It snowed all weekend. Thick, fat wet flakes that never stuck to much but made for absolutely no possibility of going outdoors. Let's hope that was the last of the winter weekends.

So we stayed inside. Slept a lot. Played in front of the fire. Wished for spring.

And today, spring arrived again. It is beautiful. After two long weeks of cold wet snow, today is dry and warm.

Of course James and I were excited to go outside (no other thing gets him as excited as the possibility of going outside).

And then while he napped I spent some time in the garden. I marveled at all the little signs of life, ready to dazzle us with their green leafiness and flowery scent in the weeks to come.

Yellow ranunculus in my front garden. These babies mean one thing: spring.
James loves to crawl under the patio table these days. Such a goof.

Although I love this fleece jacket I'm ready to see it retire. I'm so ready to not feel like I need to put on a coat each and every time we leave the house.

Spring means gardening. Gardening means dirty fingernails.


  1. Connie11:34 AM

    At least your crocuses survived the last storm! I got to enjoy mine for one, freaking day before they got flattened by ten inches of snow! I'll just enjoy pictures of my exquisite grandson instead!

  2. I adore ranunculus and saw this beauty when I stopped by the other day and meant to tell you that I LOVED it! Sorry we have a sick boy today and the weather is beautiful! Maybe we could walk Wheeler Farm this weekend if it is nice. Miss you! Jess


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