Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Birthday bliss weekend: Part 3 {B&W Wednesday!}

I mentioned in yesterday's post that E had an entire day full of surprises planned for me on my birthday. First we went to brunch while his parents watched that babe, and while at breakfast he mentioned that I would be going to my favorite spa, The Kura Door, that afternoon.

Alone! For the entire afternoon!

He was going to be on baby duty and I got to spend an entire day to myself. This would be the first day since James's birth that I've had a day to myself! Not only that, but I had TWO treatments reserved for me. First I would be taking a ofuro bath which is heavenly. These bathtubs are huge and you can submerge yourself up to your neck. Tea, cucumber water and cool towels are waiting for you next to the tub.

Also the bath assistant fills your tub with the perfect amount of hot water and bath salts of your choosing. And if you choose to do so, (I did!) she will wash your back before getting into the tub.

It was so relaxing. I spent the entire hour munching on cucumbers, laying a cool towel over my eyes and reading a really great book I'm in the middle of.

Before, between and after treatments the Kura Door has so many wonderful rooms to relax in. Not only do they have a heavenly steam room and sauna, they have a dimly lit room with couches overflowing with pillows and another brighter room where you can sit and drink tea, snack on fruit and almonds and look through their amazing collection of Japanese spa books.

After the bath I relaxed in the sauna, read a beautiful Japanese bath book in the bright airy solarium and watched the snow gently falling outside. Soon my massage therapist found me and invited me to a 90 minute massage! I was blown away. E totally outdid himself.

The massage was heaven. Never ever have I felt so relaxed. So happy. It was amazing.

Soon my spa day was coming to a close. I felt happy and alive and excited to go home and spend an hour with the two boys I love before going to my mom's for more parties.

Next up: the last post of the birthday bliss weekend series! The card!

I would love to have my living room look like this one day. Both E and I are quite drawn to Asian style.


  1. OMgoodness...stunning photos!

  2. Anonymous2:03 PM

    looks so much fun!!! i am so jealous! i hope one day I will be able to go there

    Auntie Melissa

  3. I can't provide the spa, but I would be more than happy to babysit baby man during the day if you need a break. He's always asleep when we babysit!

  4. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Sounds very nice. Your pictures are LOVELY! (I am the lone freak out there that does NOT like spa treatments!!!)

  5. Happy Happy (belated) Birthday!!! I absolutely LOVE the Kura Door. It's the only spa worth going to in my opinion. It is truly heaven. Once Ollie is older....I'm going.


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