Sunday, April 24, 2011

17 months with Wolfy {and Happy Easter!}

James is too big. I'm just going to admit that now. He understands things we say, can answer yes or no (by shaking or nodding his head) to most questions, is starting to talk and is so dang fast I can hardly keep up with him.

Although 17 months is close to a big one (a year and a half next month!) I've already been saying he's one and a half when people ask how old he is.

Here are some things James has been up to in the last month:
  • Talking! He can say about 15 words. Dada, Mama, Baby, Kitty, Dog (pronounced "adog") Rock, Sock and Clock (which all sound like "ock"), Shoe, Dirt, Tree, Juice (for both juice and orange), Banana (nana), Duck, Book, Grandpa and a couple more I'm sure I'm forgetting.

  • Says "brrr" and shivers when you tell him its cold; flexes his arms and says "rrrr" when asked about his muscles; and when he asked what a dino says he growls.

  • Sleeping like a good boy. 12 hours at night and 1.5-3 hour nap most days.

  • Walking and running. And working on walking up stairs (I try to tell him he has to crawl, but he's stopped listening to me long ago).

  • More interest in tv. We don't let him watch a lot of tv, but his attention span is longer. Now he can almost make it through and entire 30 minute show. Secret Agent Oso, Chuggington, Jungle Junction and Sesame Street are his favorites.

  • Will happily be outside as long as you let him. Last week he and I took a two hour walk. It was awesome.

  • Still loves watching videos of himself on the computer. He chuckles at himself. It is not a laugh, but a little deep chuckle. Such a silly.

  • Still is a picky eater. Not much in the "approved" list these days, however I still try new things at almost every meal.

  • Loves when his Dada chases him around the house and hates diaper changes.

  • Is still amazing and the most wonderful thing I ever did.
I've been planning his Easter outfit for almost a year. I just love this holiday so much.
I think he's gorgeous.
"Let's escape Wolfy! I throw you onto the floor first!"
"I'm outa here!"

And we did another Easter Basket this morning. I love Easter baskets. I have the best memories of Easter when I was a girl. Look how much changed since last year's basket.

And from month 1 until now:

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  1. He is SO darling! And I love his outfit.


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