Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Birthday bliss weekend; Part 2 {food food food}

My gosh I ate well my entire birthday weekend.

On Friday we woke up early and went to Ruth's Cafe for breakfast. It was awesome! The weather was so warm and beautiful, being up in the canyon to enjoy it, and Ruth's famous mile high biscuits never disappoint. (I did however leave my camera at home).

Saturday we cooked our customary weekend breakfast of German pancakes and ended the night with Birthday Dinner.

One of mine and E's favorite traditions is Birthday Dinner. The birthday person gets to choose the fantastic restaurant and I chose Takashi, which is one of our all time favorite sushi spots. (We went there for birthday dinner last year on E's birthday too!)

My gosh.

Takashi never disappoints. We ordered drinks (sake for both of us!), appetizers, and so much sushi it could kill you. It was amazing. The Box and Buddha are two of our favorite rolls, but of course we also ordered some special rolls of the evening. We ate so much sushi that neither of us even thought about dessert. (Why save room for dessert when you could eat more sushi, ya know?!)
Tempura prawns appetizer. So so yummy.
Takashi is such a fun hip place. We waited for almost an hour for our table (they don't take reservations).

Sushi is heaven.

Then Sunday (my actual birthday) was filled with even more fabulous food. We took James over to E's parents' house so we could go out to brunch and not be in charge of a very active toddler. E surprised me with the entire plan, so that was extra fun!

We arrived at Market Street for breakfast and it was snowing. Crazy snowing. It was so different from our day at the garden and our dinner outside just two days before!
Market Street is such a fun restaurant. Not only does it have the most amazing rope bridge, view of the mountains, and floor to ceiling windows, the styling of the inside is really stunning. And the food is top notch. I ordered fresh squeezed OJ, coffee, orange sweet roll and the most divine lobster eggs benedict ever (it almost competed with the elk benedict I had in Canada).

E surprised me with another amazing aspect to my day while at breakfast, but I'll do a separate blog post about it tomorrow.

Then that evening my Mom hosted a family dinner at her house with one of my all time favorites, chicken marsala (as requested, thanks Mom!). No family dinner is complete without amazing appetizers (which included homemade pretzels that Rubina made) and birthday cake dessert. Instead of the customary bunny cake, I requested chocolate cupcakes this year.

My mom surprised me by cooking the cupcakes in ice cream cones. It was such a fun surprise and added a little crunch to your cupcake bite.

A few of the party guests. My mom even invited my dad and his new girlfriend which was really cool.
Cupcakes in ice cream cones with homemade butter-cream frosting and a raspberry. Yum!
The party hosts, my step-dad Chuck and Mom.
The smallest and cutest party guest was this guy. Notice in the last photo, he really really liked his cupcake.

Birthday bliss, right? I was in foodie heaven all weekend.


  1. I love that you guys are such foodies! I wish we lived near ya so we could double date and try out new restaurants together! :) I absolutely love Market Street Grill - when we go to Utah, our fave is to go get their eggs benedict... mmmm. Happy 30th to you!!

  2. Anonymous2:05 PM

    yum!!!!! this post makes me hungry! you have such an amazing husband to treat you to all those wonderful things!

    Auntie Melissa

  3. Sushi IS heaven! Glad you had a great birthday!


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