Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Black and White Wednesday {cleaning the kitchen}

I'm not a very good housewife.

Yes, I play with the baby all day, and garden, and blog, but I don't clean much. My poor husband has to beg me sometimes to do a load of laundry.

So, today, after looking at my dirty floors for one too many days, I decided it was high time to sweep and mop. One of my most dreaded jobs.

What makes this job easier? Such an adorable helper. In reality, he would not let me hold the broom, so I had to get out another one so I could get the job done.
Notice the little scuff on his nose? He saw the garbage truck out front yesterday and was so excited. He went running after it squealing. Then he fell. He caught himself but was going fast enough that his face still bumped the cement. It is the worst feeling ever to see your boy happy and running and for it to end in big tears.
Noisy Peekaboo is still a favorite around here. He's now big enough to "read" it himself.
And, I added a new feature to my blog. On the right side, below a list of some of my favorite posts, you'll see a list of some of my favorite blogs. I read a lot of blogs. Over 50 at least (gotta love Google Reader). But there are some that I just adore. That I can't get enough of. That I come away smiling each and every time. If you have a moment, please add these to your reader too. You won't be sad you did.

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  1. SO cute! I love the second shot!

  2. Cute! "Helpers" are so fun (most of the time!).

  3. Haha!! Our little one LOVES the broom too!! Only wish I did as much! ;) Great shots!


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