Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Saturday

Spring in Utah: some days I feel like the city I live in is playing a cruel joke. While other areas of the country have been wearing short sleeves for weeks, we woke up to this:

Almost ten inches. I was outside this early because I really wanted to shake off some of my sweet little trees' limbs.

Once the sun came up the sky turned into the most beautiful robins egg blue. It is hard to capture a perfect color on camera, but it was perfect .
We had plans to pick up my grandma at 9:30 and go out to breakfast. We chose Blue Plate Diner. So so yummy. I ordered classic eggs benedict (of course) and was in heaven.
James was on his best behavior and scarfed down an entire bowl of mac and cheese from the kids menu. The plan was to go to the nursery after breakfast and buy lots of flowers for my garden. This was to be my 30th birthday present from my grandma. Well we arrived at the nursery and were disappointed to see all the perennials were under a good 6" of snow. I guess we'll have to go back.
After James's nap it had warmed up a bit. Like almost to 40 degrees! (Love my sarcasm, I am so sick of this cold). At least the sun was mostly out.
We put two sweaters over James's outfit and then topped it with his rain jacket and a hat and we were off. James was happy to walk through the melting snow and shovel it into his mouth.
Since we've had such a cold spring most of the tulips have yet to open. At least they survived the heavy wet snow that morning. And the last tiled photo? James is only happy if he is touching the widest trunk of any bush or tree. He'll often get so frustrated at a bush as he tries to navigate to the middle so he can touch its trunk.

We didn't have any afternoon plans so we decided on a long walk (over two hours!). We visited my favorite house in the entire neighborhood and the goats that are on an open lot about a half mile away. The owner told me last year that there were a few pregnant mamas in the group and the babies were due in May. I am so excited! Goat babies = total cuteness.

Near the end of our walk we decided to stop at the school yard and let James play. He loves this playground and we go at least four times a week. Notice the sky is no longer blue and sunny. It was cold.
Still some snow that had yet to melt. And you know all those little things that you think "I'll never forget this". Yea, the drainage spout on the school is one of those things. James loves this little spout that drips. He visits it each and every time we go to the school. Had to get a photo, because one day I'll forget.
The day ended with a baby in bed, a babysitter at the house, and a Mexican date night with my hubby. We love love love Rio Grande Cafe here in Utah. It is located in the old Rio Grande train station, and back in the day we went there all the time. Now, not so much. It was so fun to re-connect over some cheesy goodness.

And then the night got better, if that is possible. We met up with Chelsea and Joe (sister-in-law and brother-in-law) at The Red Door for drinks. Dinner and drinks? Something E and I have never done in our entire adult lives. Weird, huh? It was wonderful, chatting with friends (yes, they are family, but they are also friends, so we're lucky), sipping yummy cosmos and staying out late.

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  1. We had a great time with you guys!


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