Friday, May 21, 2010

Taking a walk

James and I have been loving spending time outdoors since it has gotten nice. Some days are cooler than others, but almost every day we spend at least an hour outside. Some days we relax in the backyard under the tree, some days we take a walk, and most days we do a garden tour where I show James the tree, leaves, grass, etc. and let him touch all of the above. Wouldn't it be neat if his first word was something like 'tree'?

Our walk route in the neighborhood always includes the "secret" house. E and I lived at our current address for six months before we discovered this amazing home tucked back behind a church. Seriously, this is like our dream home. E and I love old homes so much, and this one is awesome.

The home is huge, three stories with lots of beautiful old windows, dormers, and such. And the gardens and grounds are to die for. I love walking up there and just starring at everything with total awe.

And I love taking my camera along as well.

And my little walk buddy who smiles and talks the entire time we're out.

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  1. I LOVE the old homes in Salt Lake... there's some real awesome ones in the avenues area. You just don't find homes like that here in AZ!


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