Monday, May 24, 2010

Letter to James: six months


Right now you are napping in the other room, and it is like my heart and soul are in your crib napping with you. When I am away from you, even just down the hall, I miss your cheery face, your gummy grin and your wonderfully happy way about you.

These last six months have changed me into the person I'd always wanted to be. As long as I can remember I wanted to be a mommy. Your mommy. I had visions of what I'd do, how I'd act, and what kind of mother I'd be to my future son or daughter. I have to say, you've helped me exceed my own expectations.

No, I'm not a perfect mom. But I do love you more than the world, and I feel that everything I do for you, whether it change your diaper, breastfeed you, play with you on the floor or watch you experience new things, I do it with pure joyous love for you. And, in that way, I hope I serve you well.

I'm so thrilled to be with you every day, I wouldn't change a thing. Sometimes after you've gone to bed at night your Daddy and I talk about you, recalling the cute or silly things you did that day. Often we say "let's go wake him up! I miss him."

You are adored. Never forget that. Happy half year to life. I hope for the rest of your long life you are as happy, cheery and full of wonderful optimism, just like you are now. You are perfect.




  1. awww so sweet. We always want to wake Ella up too cause we miss her so. Being a mom is just the greatest.

  2. Absolutely precious words for a precious boy! Happy half,darling James!

  3. Beautiful, Jessica. I love it. And your photos and videos! What a cute little character!

  4. 6 months! Happy Half Birthday James! We love half birthdays at our house and we just celebrated two since both kids are November babies!

    James you are too cute for words! I love your smile!


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