Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gender reveal...

Are you ready?

I doubt you are as excited as I was to find out if Baby Dos is a boy or a girl. There is no way you are as excited as this Mama. But also I was nervous. Excited, scared and really nervous.

Our family of three walked into a dark room at an ultrasound office two Saturdays ago. They told me the entire process would be short, so James was welcome to come.

Cold jelly on the belly and moments later we saw a little profile. There is nothing like seeing your baby's profile for the first time. It is amazing. So beautiful. Heart beating quite quickly and looking perfect.
Then the moment of truth. They moved the ultrasound wand and pressed.

We waited.

They pressed again and we waited.

I was so nervous.

Then they said it:

I could hardly believe my ears.

At that very moment, James, with a huge smile on his face, laid his head on E's shoulder and sighed the happiest little sigh. The ultrasound tech asked him how he felt about a baby sister and he clapped.

Later E and I were talking about how James reacted. How did he know? He must have fed off the happiness in the room because he was the happiest of us all.

Deep down I really wanted a girl (is that horrible to admit?!). We have a boy and I adore him with every cell of my being. I knew that if I had another boy I would be thrilled. THRILLED.

But I also would be thrilled with a girl. Dolls, crafts, flowers, fairies, all the things I grew up loving I could share with a daughter while E and James shared their love for airplanes, flashlights and watches.

After we found out I was in shock. I hadn't wanted to admit to myself how much I wanted a little girl to add to our family. E was thrilled, grinning from ear to ear. Come February we'd have a boy and a girl.

Life is perfect.

And? One of the names we like is Lily. We asked James if he could say Lily and he repeated it back to us perfectly. Now throughout the day he'll happy squeal "Lily!" at top volume. I guess James's vote is in!

Here's a video from last night of James's name choice.

And here is the poll in all its finished glory!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

James is 21 months! {and Wolfy}

James has had an AMAZING month. The last two weeks he has grown leaps and bounds. It is crazy how much new stuff he does every day, I even have a hard time remembering everything because of the sheer amount of new things he does.

He has started talking more, with two syllable words (started with Mommy and Daddy and has moved to nearly everything!), has started repeating more, asking for what he wants (up, down, hot, more, etc), and has an unreal memory.

Just these last few weeks he has done the following:
  • Said "bye bye" at Costco (he's been waving and saying bye for awhile, but bye bye is new).
  • Will "sing" on demand.
  • Tells us his favorite baby name when asked (I'll have to get a video, to die for cute!).
  • Started saying more words that I can keep up with.
  • Climbs more with much more ease.
  • Breaks more rules, pushes his limits more.
  • Started to hit (not fun, but something that came with this developmental surge).
  • Started to learn not to hit! We worked hard on this, especially in Oregon. He now will get frustrated, raise his hand, and then put it back down. Very proud of him.
  • Started to snuggle! Like real hugs with arms wrapped around me and extended snuggles. This is a first. Just the other morning he was needing an extra cuddle and laid on me on the couch for 20 minutes. He has never done this. I was in heaven.
  • And lots and lots of other stuff that keeps me extremely busy.
He is more adorable with each passing day, and with his new knowledge and understanding of the world around him, it is something that E and I feel very lucky to witness.

Also, isn't he looking like a two year old in these photos? When I tell other Mamas at the playground that he's not yet two they are surprised. He no longer looks like a baby. So handsome and "huge"!

And from month 1 until now:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pregnancy quiz: Week 17

How Far Along: 17 weeks.

Size of baby: 5 inches, 4 oz. I kinda gave up on the fruit size relation, because some weeks were so wonky.

Maternity Clothes: Nope, but belly is getting bigger.

Gender: We found out!! I know, I know, I haven't said anything here. I really wanted to find out and there is a place here that you can find out as early as 15 weeks. So last Saturday we brought James and spend the $60 and got an answer. I am super excited to share the gender on my blog in the next week or so. So, if you haven't done so already, vote in the poll. Now's the time.

Also, I have not forgotten that James turned 21 months yesterday and I owe my blog Wolfy photos. With Oregon posts to finish up, the gender to reveal to our families, and a killer heat wave I have yet to find the time. It is coming.

Movement: Not yet. Should be soon.

Sleep: Only ok this week. Two nights were pretty bad, but others were ok.

What I miss: Sushi. Like a lot.

Cravings: Sushi. And Indian, which is odd, because it turned me off during my first pregnancy.

Symptoms: Tired and extra hot. I don't do well in the hundred degree temps. And chasing after a toddler is getting harder and harder.

Best moment this week: Finding out Baby Dos's gender. Hello? AMAZING!

And, what's a post without a couple of photos? These last Oregon photos never seemed to fit into a previous Oregon blog post, but are to great to keep off the blog. I hope you agree.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our HUGE hiker {Oregon's forest}

This is the last post in my awesome Oregon series. We had such a fun time at the Oregon coast, E and I keep talking about when we'll go back. That is the mark of a wonderful vacation: can't wait to return.

One day while in Oregon E and I decided we wanted to hike a little. We loved spending time on the beaches, but the forests of Oregon are just as spectacular. They are totally different from Utah's forests, they are so green and rich and tall!

We found a little trail that actually lead to a distant beach and were thrilled with how green and overgrown everything was. Again, the light was gold. Pure gold.

We loaded up James in the baby backpack and started off. E carried the toddler while I stopped every two steps to take another photo. I was in heaven. Never have I seen a forest so beautiful. It felt like a fairy land.

James was not happy. Now that he is a big boy (or so he thinks) he does not want to be carried. He asked for "down" more times that we can count. The trail was tricky though, huge roots crisscrossed its path and we were not sure he'd really want to hike. (Remember in Arches he only would take a few steps and then stop to visit a tree).

Finally after a huge fit and getting in trouble for hitting his father we finally let him down.

And off he went.

For more than a mile, and quite a fast pace he hiked. Never stopping to try to walk off the trail. Never worried about the "huge" roots. He hiked and hiked. E and I kept joking that he set quite a pace, it was hard to keep up with him.

And as we reminded him over and over to look down, to notice the huge roots he started repeating us. "HUGE!" is his new favorite word.

James used to LOVE the baby backpack. Why now does he decide he's too big?
While E carried the fussing kiddo I was entranced by this:
The moment we let him down the fussing stopped and off he went. In some places the forests were dark and thick. Doesn't he look just tiny against the dark woods?
He only paused to look at this single tree. What caught his eye? No clue.
The Oregon coast is seriously beyond beautiful.

Notice the huge roots in the foreground. He didn't seem to mind.

Seriously so beautiful. Magical. I kept expecting to see a little fairy or gnome peek around a toadstool.
Once we were about a mile in, we told James it was time to turn around. We thought he'd be fine. I mean forest trail is forest trail, right? Oh no. He through a spectacular fit with real tears and all. Oh the joys of having an almost two year old.
Once he did turn around though, he seemed happy enough. (Here he's found a pine cone!)
The green foliage, the golden light. I was in heaven.
HUGE roots are no problem for our huge hiker.

Oregon was fantastic. I can't wait to go back.

Black and White Wednesday

James's footprint. Mama's footprint.

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