Friday, August 19, 2011

Haystack Rock {Cannon Beach}

Our little family of three rented the sweetest cottage in Seaside Oregon. I can't wait to share photos. It was perfect.

The only thing not perfect? Our cottage was in Seaside. Seaside was not quaint. It was gross.

But quickly E and I discovered the the cutest most quaint town was only minutes down the road. Cannon Beach. So charming. So lovely. And the beach was amazing. Right off the coast was huge Haystack Rock. At low tide you could walk right up to it, exploring the tide pools and shells along the way. At high tide it was wave-beaten and beautiful.

We loved everything about this beach.

The morning we went at low tide we were blow away by the tide pools. The clear sea water (truly amazing), the amount of sea life that called Haystack Rock home and the cold waters were stunning.

James was soaked in an instant, and the morning (although quite cold) could not have been more perfect.

Haystack Rock not only is the home the home to hundreds of seagulls, but puffins live there too!
James loved the knee deep water that he was allowed to play in without holding our hands. Moments after this photo was taken he fell in!
Hence the wet outfit. :)
You could explore this beach for as far as you were willing to walk.

These sea rocks were what made up the tide pools. They were submerged most the time, but at low tide viewers were able to stare awe-struck and the sea life, including the super bright orange and purple starfish.
Hermit crab. James was impressed.

This photo is not saturated. No levels were adjusted. This is straight from the camera. Amazing, no?

James was not as inspired with the tide pools as his Mama and Dada were.
Love that the sign behind James is covered in barnacles. 80% of the time this sign is under the ocean.

Stunning I tell you.
Another amazing thing about this beach? That you could see a haunted lighthouse, perched on its very own island, easily from shore.
Sandy feet, happy boy. Nothing better.

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  1. LOVE the starfish! Seriously such beautiful pictures.


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