Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gender reveal...

Are you ready?

I doubt you are as excited as I was to find out if Baby Dos is a boy or a girl. There is no way you are as excited as this Mama. But also I was nervous. Excited, scared and really nervous.

Our family of three walked into a dark room at an ultrasound office two Saturdays ago. They told me the entire process would be short, so James was welcome to come.

Cold jelly on the belly and moments later we saw a little profile. There is nothing like seeing your baby's profile for the first time. It is amazing. So beautiful. Heart beating quite quickly and looking perfect.
Then the moment of truth. They moved the ultrasound wand and pressed.

We waited.

They pressed again and we waited.

I was so nervous.

Then they said it:

I could hardly believe my ears.

At that very moment, James, with a huge smile on his face, laid his head on E's shoulder and sighed the happiest little sigh. The ultrasound tech asked him how he felt about a baby sister and he clapped.

Later E and I were talking about how James reacted. How did he know? He must have fed off the happiness in the room because he was the happiest of us all.

Deep down I really wanted a girl (is that horrible to admit?!). We have a boy and I adore him with every cell of my being. I knew that if I had another boy I would be thrilled. THRILLED.

But I also would be thrilled with a girl. Dolls, crafts, flowers, fairies, all the things I grew up loving I could share with a daughter while E and James shared their love for airplanes, flashlights and watches.

After we found out I was in shock. I hadn't wanted to admit to myself how much I wanted a little girl to add to our family. E was thrilled, grinning from ear to ear. Come February we'd have a boy and a girl.

Life is perfect.

And? One of the names we like is Lily. We asked James if he could say Lily and he repeated it back to us perfectly. Now throughout the day he'll happy squeal "Lily!" at top volume. I guess James's vote is in!

Here's a video from last night of James's name choice.

And here is the poll in all its finished glory!


  1. Can I just say awww! So cool! Congratulations!!!


  2. Stacey1:30 PM

    Jessica I am so happy for you guys! You make such an amazing mom and I know you are going to have so much fun with a little girl. Can't wait to read and see all the crafts you guys do together in the years to come! Congrats. Plus I liked your honesty about really wanting a girl and I LOVE the name Lily!

  3. I knew it!!! Congratulations!!!

  4. So, so, so happy for you! Bring on the dolls and fairies! I love the name you have selected, it is beautiful!

  5. Anonymous6:49 PM

    I am so happy for you!!!!! Grand daughter for me!!

    Love, Dad

  6. Love this post! And I can totally imagine that first moment when you see the first profile of the baby in the ultrasound. So happy for you ! That is going to be one lucky little girl!

  7. wahoo for a girl!!! I'm so smart - i just knew it... haha - yay!!

  8. Yay! My fingers were crossed for a little girl!
    I have three boys, and love each and every one of them dearly, but every once and a while I get a twinge of wanting a little girl.
    I'm so happy for you guys!

  9. Yay! You totally need a girl for your dolls.

  10. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Congratulations! After recently re-reading the Harry Potter series, the first thing I thought of when reading this post is that your kids will be named after Harry's parents. :-) I hope you get a doll loving little girl! @--/---


  11. Awwww! I was right! I was a girl! whoo whoo... Haha :) American Girl dolls here you come...

  12. Oh, and by the way...I love James and his 'Lily'. I love the name as well!


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