Sunday, August 07, 2011

Family day in the mountains

Yesterday was perfection. It started out at the farmer's market where E and I bought honey, tamales (yum!) and a chocolate croissant for breakfast (double yum). And then we walked around, played in our favorite secret corners of the park, and I even caught this gem of a photo with my phone:
Once the afternoon rolled around E and I decided to head up to Snowbird and take the Tram to the top of the mountain. We went to Snowbird with James a couple of weekends ago and the Tram blew his mind. He saw it and squealed. He clapped. He grinned. And he wasn't even on the darn thing!

So we purchased tickets (kids under six ride for free) and took the easy ten minute ride to the top of the mountain. James? Was in LOVE.
He grinned like this the entire trip. He held close to Dada and gazed out the windows and grinned and smiled like crazy whenever we'd go over one of the towers, which would seem to speed the Tram up and make it drop a bit. I guess he inherited my love for adventure.

Holding onto Da. I love this shot.
View from inside the Tram as it climbs the mountain.
Once at the top we were greeted by sixty degree temps (heaven) and lots and lots of rocks for the toddler to throw. Amazing views everywhere we looked, and James was fascinated by the Trams working cables and speed that it descended the mountain.
Waving bye to the Tram as it leaves us at the peak.

The views really are unreal.

Love this one.
We explored the top of the mountain for about 45 minutes and then caught the blue Tram and headed back down. We stood right in the front of the tram and watched its speedy decent. Once down to the base of the mountain we made an impromptu decision to stay up at Snowbird for dinner. They are running a special right now where kids eat free, and sitting outside on the patio, with an amazing view, and eating at our favorite mountain Mexican restaurant sounded perfect.

And it was. James was FANTASTIC. He happily munched on chips, looked around, watched the potguts and never seemed bothered to be in the highchair for a hour (yippee!). He even scarfed down his entire dinner while the fat potguts waited under his highchair for the plethora of cheesy noodles to drop. Once they did drop, they were fast at gobbling them up.

I held James for a bit at the top before the Tram started moving. E wanted to get a photo and this is all we got. James is in mid-tickle which is his new thing. He wiggles his hands on you while laughing like crazy. It is the cutest thing ever.
Dinner spot. The sign on the top right says "DO NOT feed the Potguts"
Moonrise and my dinner.

James was liking his mac and cheese so much he'd tip his head back as he shoveled it in. Easier swallowing that way?
James's shoe in the foreground, potgut waiting in anticipation on the patio.


  1. Connie4:42 PM

    I hope James has inherited his mom's non-fear of heights, and my love of amusement parks. Then I'll have a Lagoon buddy to ride with!

  2. There's two things going on in this post for me.

    1. Holy guacamole is it beautiful there! By God! I could get in my car and not stop until I'm there if it weren't for these kids sleeping in the other room.

    2. Your photos are always fantastic, but there are some gems for the ages in this batch. I tip my hat m'lady.

  3. Jon and I were just there and we sat at the same table, I had never been but really enjoyed the food and the views!


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