Monday, August 01, 2011

First Farmer's Market of the Season!

Murray's farmer's market is by far my favorite. Close to home, located in the middle of a fantastic park, and selling mostly fruits and veggies instead of crafts and such. My family loves it. Only problem? They start late in the season. E and I have had July 30th circled on our calendar for ages, because that was the day: the day the market FINALLY opened.

We arrived around ten and happily looked around all the stalls, pausing at each one to sample the fruit, the veggies, the honey, the bread. James is a master sampler. While this kid is picky at home, give him a sample and he'll happily eat it.

We decided to spend our money on rainier cherries, which while some of the most beautiful fruit, taste even better, and the homemade tamales. The tamales are always one of the busiest stands in the market. People wait months for these babies. They are sold out of big steal pots under a little shade tarp. There are three choices: chicken, pork or jalapeno cheese, each for $1.50. All three are amazing. You can not believe how many people are eating tamales for Saturday morning breakfast.

E and I ordered two tamales each and joined everyone else in happily eating these bad boys for breakfast. Delicious.

James's little crossed feet in the second photo? Heaven. He always crosses his feet at the ankles. Love it.

Why I did not get a shot of the beautiful tamales? I have no idea.

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  1. Connie4:41 PM

    Probably because you were thinking about getting the phallic shot of the corn instead!HAHAHA!


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