Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Black and White Wednesday {playing in the curtains}

We have had a lot of rain here over the last two weeks. Most Utah summers are filled with clear blue skies and not a drop of rain. This year day after day a big thunderstorm moves in. I love it. It is such a nice change to all the constant heat.

Saturday when a storm moved in we decided to watch it from the living room. E and I sat mesmerized as the drops poured down. James happily played in the curtains (yes, he still loves playing in Mama's curtains) and flashed me a few grins.

Do you see him? I love the way the light is catching his face.
There he is!


  1. That first photo takes my breath away! Your son has the most amazing eyes.

  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The first picture is perfect, and I'm dying over the second one. I bet you're so glad you picked out those drapes! The lighting is so beautiful. Well done, as always


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