Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Black & White Wednesday {how we told our families the big news!}

Even before E and I got pregnant we were discussing how to tell our families the big news. With James we had a lot of fun, we wrapped up a small gift and presented it on Easter. Nobody suspected a thing, until they saw the unwrapped gift of a toy Mama and Baby with the very excited "We're Expecting!!" scrawled onto the box.

We wanted to do something just as fun and surprising with Baby Dos (dos, like #2 in Spanish).

On Father's Day (about two and a half weeks after we found out the news ourselves) we hosted two family parties. Brunch with E's family and dinner with mine. Very nonchalantly we passed out fortune cookies for dessert. Granted, this was a little harder at 11:00 after an extremely rich and sweet brunch.

Nobody suspected a thing.

All the fortunes were the same (custom ordered online). They read "Expect a New Addition to Your Family Soon". E's family joked that this meant they were getting another cat. My family joked that these must be really cheap fortune cookies for everyone to get the same fortune.

And then it dawned on them.

And it was awesome.

Everyone laughed and hugged. It was a really great Father's Day.


  1. that is SO great! I wish there was a video of your family's reaction - but then i guess they would have been rather suspicious if you were filming while they were opening their cookies - haha. congrats again!!

  2. Love, love, love it!! What a fun memory. I'm sure baby dos will appreciate it one day too :)

  3. What a creative way to tell everyone! I remember the Playmobil toys you used for James, and I thought that was great too! So happy about baby Dos!

  4. Stacey9:48 AM

    I love it! So fun, I love trying to come up with creative ways. Congrats, I am so happy for you guys.

  5. How cute is that! I love that idea. You guys are so creative.

  6. Oh by the way, I just discovered that you are almost exactly in sync with another one of my friends who is also due in February. I think she's due at the beginning of the month too. :)


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