Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our HUGE hiker {Oregon's forest}

This is the last post in my awesome Oregon series. We had such a fun time at the Oregon coast, E and I keep talking about when we'll go back. That is the mark of a wonderful vacation: can't wait to return.

One day while in Oregon E and I decided we wanted to hike a little. We loved spending time on the beaches, but the forests of Oregon are just as spectacular. They are totally different from Utah's forests, they are so green and rich and tall!

We found a little trail that actually lead to a distant beach and were thrilled with how green and overgrown everything was. Again, the light was gold. Pure gold.

We loaded up James in the baby backpack and started off. E carried the toddler while I stopped every two steps to take another photo. I was in heaven. Never have I seen a forest so beautiful. It felt like a fairy land.

James was not happy. Now that he is a big boy (or so he thinks) he does not want to be carried. He asked for "down" more times that we can count. The trail was tricky though, huge roots crisscrossed its path and we were not sure he'd really want to hike. (Remember in Arches he only would take a few steps and then stop to visit a tree).

Finally after a huge fit and getting in trouble for hitting his father we finally let him down.

And off he went.

For more than a mile, and quite a fast pace he hiked. Never stopping to try to walk off the trail. Never worried about the "huge" roots. He hiked and hiked. E and I kept joking that he set quite a pace, it was hard to keep up with him.

And as we reminded him over and over to look down, to notice the huge roots he started repeating us. "HUGE!" is his new favorite word.

James used to LOVE the baby backpack. Why now does he decide he's too big?
While E carried the fussing kiddo I was entranced by this:
The moment we let him down the fussing stopped and off he went. In some places the forests were dark and thick. Doesn't he look just tiny against the dark woods?
He only paused to look at this single tree. What caught his eye? No clue.
The Oregon coast is seriously beyond beautiful.

Notice the huge roots in the foreground. He didn't seem to mind.

Seriously so beautiful. Magical. I kept expecting to see a little fairy or gnome peek around a toadstool.
Once we were about a mile in, we told James it was time to turn around. We thought he'd be fine. I mean forest trail is forest trail, right? Oh no. He through a spectacular fit with real tears and all. Oh the joys of having an almost two year old.
Once he did turn around though, he seemed happy enough. (Here he's found a pine cone!)
The green foliage, the golden light. I was in heaven.
HUGE roots are no problem for our huge hiker.

Oregon was fantastic. I can't wait to go back.


  1. Another destination to add to my list! I love reading about the trips you all take, what adventures! Your photos are stunning. I love the one of James on the trail, where the trees look so large around him. You should write a story around that photo!

  2. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Of course the tree had a special message for James, that's why he stopped, to listen. Your pictures of everything are remarkable!

  3. What an adventerous litte man you have!!! The hike looks so beautiful!


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