Saturday, August 20, 2011

Magical forest {Oregon}

One morning on our way to the beach we happened upon some magic. Straight from Harry Potter. The forest. It was glowing with golden mist. The sun, shooting through the mist made hundreds of dancing rays of light. Gold and perfect and beautiful.

E and I were speechless. Snapping photos from all angles, later saying it was a scene from a storybook. James happily played and laughed while E and I stood there transfixed.


James is now a master at wiggling his hand in front of the camera so you can't get a clear shot. We call it the anti-paparazzi move.
Looking at these photos, it almost doesn't seem like something this beautiful can exist.

And the forest was right next to the most amazing beach: Hug Point. Can't wait to share more.


  1. Awesome pictures! James has so many little teeth!

  2. Jess Red10:30 PM

    So amazing!! I truly love this. Phil and I were driving through Yellowstone right outside Jackson Hole years ago and it was Fall and early morning and had to pull over to take pictures of the beautiful mist and light coming through the woods. Magical. I love that you see things with Ethan in such a magical way. Especially in nature. So awesome. I would love to see you and James soon!!

  3. Wow! so beautiful!


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