Saturday, October 17, 2015

October light is gold {Farmhouse}

Last weekend E and I decided to spend the night at the farmhouse. As the kids get older it is easier and easier to get away for an evening without making it a huge production. Plus, the kids love to sleep there. E's parents joined us on Saturday for the afternoon and dinner. The weather was what all October days should be. And after walking down the lane to the barn for 15+ years, I finally saw an owl perching inside. It was so exciting!

E's Father's Day shirt has been worn a ton. James's handwriting on the back is the best part of all. And this girl loves her daddy.
Connie and I went on a evening drive (nobody wanted to join us) but we had a great time.
Selfie because we are cool. ;)

Lagoon 2015

This year everyone in E's family joined us at Lagoon. Since everyone was there, even Pap Paps (which is what the kids have taken to calling Grandpa Steve) we decided we needed an updated old timey photo.

Every October we visit Lagoon with E's family and every year it is the highlight of the kids entire life. I swear our Lagoon Day competes with Christmas and Hawaii for being the best days of the year. The LOVE it.

This year E and I wanted to ride the new rollercoaster Cannibal first thing. I am more of an adventure seeker than E's entire family combined, so I was super happy E was willing and excited to join me. See that tower? It's almost twenty stories tall (??!!!!) and you ride inside an elevator up a dark elevator shaft while on the coaster. That part was scarier than the rest of the coaster.
After the tower you speed down a beyond vertical drop that almost puts you upside down. Seriously so fun. Luckily for us, the kids went with their grandparents while we waited in the super long line.
After we met back up with everyone we took our kids on all the rides they love. Both kids are huge adventure seekers (like their Mama!) and couldn't wait to go on the scariest rides.
These three girls spent most of the day together. Damma does love her granddaughters. However, truth be told, Damma is a Lagoon-going-feind and the only one that could keep up with her was James. They rode the rollercoaster three times, then ran over to another coaster, then went on the swings, then did it all over again. And she doesn't even mind the dizzy rides which James seems to love, so they did those over and over too. She's a very good Damma.
Lagoon equals two things, way too many rides and way way too much sugar.
James surprised E and requested going on Wicked. Wicked is special because you go up that incline as fast as you fall down the decline. It is intense. He was terrified but did it. I don't think he'll choose to try it again for a few more years.

PERFECT October weather.
Since we haven't taken old timey photos since 2012, I had to go back and compare. James is Emilia's age in this photo (almost exactly) and Juliet! Oh my gosh! Why must they grow up?! Look at her!
The photographer asked us to be serious. Everyone is looking great, but my kids totally steal the show. Juliet's face is perfection. 

*Sorry I haven't been blogging as much. New hobbies shift my attention elsewhere, but I'm trying to catch up, even just a little. But if you want to talk Sherlock, I'm your girl. ;)
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