Saturday, January 09, 2016

Lava Hot Springs {aka WAY too many pictures of us soaking!}

My dad's new annual tradition is instead of a Christmas gift, he gives us a mini vacation and time with the people we love most. It's beyond fab. Having time to actually enjoy my siblings, my dad, my almost step-mom, and her kids really is the best gift we could ask for.

My dad pays for everyone to stay a single night in a local motel and gives everyone a gift bag upon arriving that includes treats, cheeses, and wine! What a lovely thing indeed!
This bunny loves her swim cap. She looked so old fashioned and sweet. And her cheeks were so rosy the entire time.
All my little flyaway got misted and then froze! The air was that cold. And those beautiful trees behind me? Coated in frozen steam.
So many people! All my sibs (with significant others), all Traci's kids, my cousin Lauren, Traci's sister and husband and four grandkids. Seriously so much fun.

We all had to stay hydrated. Lots and lots of water bottles.
So much soaking and chatting. Everyone gets along so well. Lots of laughing and teasing and relaxing.
Londyn and James play so well together and never were separated.
And the water is crystal clear. The pebble floor just feels so good under your feet.

Just gorgeous.
The town of Lava Hot Springs is just so charming and tiny.
It was cold while we were there. The daytime highs were 4 degrees, so everyone bundled up and there were plenty of icicles to play with.
Frozen trees and blue skies. There is nothing better.
Both days we spend a couple of hours at the hot springs, so lots of time to soak.

I warned you about how many soaking pictures there were, a lot. L to R: Lauren, Melissa, Witt, Londyn, Craig, Chandler, Brooke, James, Jess, Brandon.
See ya next year Lava!
Last year's Lava post can be found here. 
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