Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Gardner Village

Yesterday was beautiful. Glorious. Perfect. The skies were blue and the flowers were brilliant. The daytime high was right about sixty degrees, so it was beyond glorious. The type of day we live for.

After nap time James and I went to Gardner Village to visit Granny Con at her new job! Connie (my mother-in-law) has a new job at the Gardner Village doll shop. This is amazing, not only because Gardner Village is so wonderful, but she gets a killer discount. And I love dolls.

Yesterday we decided to visit her for the first time and walk around Gardner Village. Gardner Village makes for super great photos because of all the historic buildings and beautiful paths already set up for us there. We actually go to Gardner Village a lot for photos, here, here and here are some of my favorites.

James was in a totally adorable mood, and although he wasn't flashing huge grins, at least he was looking in my general direction when I made silly noises. Usually he totally ignores me and lets me make a total fool of myself in public.

We can not wait to continue to visit Granny Con at the doll shop all year and soon the petting zoo at Gardner Village will open again. Can't wait. It will be a summer full of more awesome photo opportunities, I'm sure.

This is the face James gave inside the doll shop when he realized who was working there! Gah, love this kid more and more with each passing moment.
His lashes are a thing of beauty.

There was a view of a little waterfall off this bridge. To say he was memorized would be an understatement.

I asked Connie to get a photo of my sweet boy on my lap snuggling me (a rare treat). He promptly wanted down as soon as the camera was out.
And James's outfit? All vintage. All once belonging to his Dada. Cute, huh?


  1. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Anonymous3:03 PM

    what amazing pictures! James seemed to sure like that waterfall! i just wanna snuggle him!

    Auntie Melissa


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