Saturday, May 21, 2011

We miss you Avi

Avi and Naina have been gone for a week. It rained all week long and James and I were sad. Sad to say goodbye to such amazing friends. Next time, we decided, we'll visit Naina and her family in North Carolina. Maybe rent a beach house in the Outer Banks.

Until then I'll enjoy these photos of two of my favorite people. Naina wanted to take Avi to Gardner Village, and I was happy to oblige. It is so easy to take good photos at Gardner Village due to the amazing backdrops.

The entire week I've been enjoying looking at these photos, not only because Avi is seriously the cutest, but because I was missing the sun. Good news, the sun returned today and E and I took James to Red Butte Garden. Full post to come!

Remember this red door? I love this red door, two of my favorite photos of James were taken here. This one and this one. Avi was thrilled to see if it opened (it didn't).
And then we walked over to the bridge where we could watch the waterfall. Avi was entranced. Naina and I were dying of cuteness overload at this point.
My favorite shot of the day of Avi.
My favorite shot of the day of James.
James looking serious and Avi acting shy.

I love the quilt shop at Gardner Village and was excited to buy a yard of fabric. The boys happily played at the toddler table with all the girl toys. Again, both Mamas were dying about how cute these two are.
We plopped the boys down on a step in the shade hoping to get at least one photo with them both looking non-grumpy. I think we succeeded.
This one totally makes me laugh. Not sure what James was doing.
And about two seconds later they both stood up and ran in opposite directions. Ah, toddler-hood.

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