Monday, May 16, 2011

His Mind? Blown.

I have so much wonderful blogging to do. So many great posts coming. More hanging out with Naina and her son Avi. A weekend at the farmhouse that was divine (after seven long months of not visiting...) and another fun post planned.

And I've been super excited to post these photos of James. Last Friday it got warm. I decided to set up my toddler pool in the backyard to see what James thought. I wanted to spend the afternoon sitting in the shade, so I was hoping he'd like his little pool I bought a couple months ago.

As soon as I set it up, attached it to the hose, and turned on the water he was memorized. He loves drips. He loves water.

His little baby mind? Blown.

He happily drank the hose water, stepped in and out of the squirting water and played in his little pool for close to two hours.

Best two hours of my life. I enjoyed watching him, sitting in the sun, taking photos and glancing over at my very green and alive garden.

It was an amazing way to spend the afternoon.

He is so hilarious. He always wants to drink dripping water. The water shooting out of his pool was no exception.
These photos really crack me up.
Baby sunscreen? Check! That little white belly hasn't seen sun in awhile.

I told him to clap if he liked the pool. He smiled at me and clapped like a mad man.
Lots of clapping.

Two hours later he stepped out of the pool. I asked him if he was done and he nodded seriously. We both decided that it was a good time to dry off the "natural way".

I seriously love this photo. I almost didn't post it because I don't ever want James to look at my blog as an adult and be embarrassed. But his little bum is just so sweet.
Phew. Leaf censored.


Love him.


  1. Anonymous4:06 PM

    love this post!!! SO cute!!! i wanna play!

    Auntie Melissa

  2. How adorable! Where did you get that pool? I love it.

  3. Becky, it is the Li'l Squirt Baby Pool from One Step Ahead.

    I hope this is the correct link:


  4. Thanks! That site looks like it has all sorts of cool stuff!

  5. Stacey8:59 AM

    He is so cute! Looks like you guys have so much fun together.


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