Monday, May 23, 2011

Red Butte in May

You know those things that you remember doing all the time as a kid? Maybe a specific park or always visiting a specific restaurant? How you feel nostalgic about it, stating to anyone that will listen "we always went there when I was a kid, and I loved it."

That is Red Butte Garden for my family.

We always go there. And we always love it.

Each time we go to Red Butte it is different. The trails and layout is the same. Our route varies a little, but mostly we follow the same winding path each time. However, each time the garden is different, changed. Growing and flourishing this time of year, dying back in the fall, or sleeping soundly in the winter.

And we like each change. Each time is different. Wonderful. Yet it is always the same. James know the paths. He knows when we are getting close to the "Gaga" or "waterfall" as we know it.

He knows it and loves it, just as his Mama and Dada do.

I hope one day he'll take his girlfriends here. Showing them our favorite places, picnicking on our favorite bench. Then one day he'll take his own kids here, saying things like "when I was a boy, this tree was tiny, and I loved it."

Reminiscing about Red Butte Garden I just had to post some links to my favorite trips there. Because each and every time my love for my boy, my family and the garden grew and changed.
James visits the garden for the first time in January (he's one month old!).
A day in the garden last September was amazing.
Baby November enjoys November
We go in February to enjoy the winter garden.
And lots and lots of other times.

First shot of the day. They filled the small fountain on the patio right near the front. James was mesmerized.

He loves the bridge and the "gaga". I've taken a lot of photos of James on this bridge, but today his little bum and his little bent legs seemed to be all that mattered. So cute.

Near the end of our loop we went to the Children's Garden. We planned this, because we knew with such a beautiful day we were having that the splash pad would be open for play. The snakes squirting water? AMAZING!

Soon he was soaked.
And last shot of the day. Same fountain as the first shot. We decided to remove his soaking shoes and socks and dip his toes in the fountain. Baby heaven I tell you.
E decided to get me a chime from Red Butte for Mother's Day this year. We picked it out yesterday and hung it on my front porch. I love it so so much.

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