Tuesday, May 24, 2011

18 Month Wolfy Photos {my kid is 1.5!}

He is one and a half. One and a half. That is big. Soon he'll be two. And before I know it he'll be ten.

Today was just like any other day. But things change, so so quickly. I want to remember the things I rarely blog about (ie showering, silly things he does), so here it goes.

James woke early (around six) and we snuggled in bed watching Sesame Street while he happily drank his sippy full of milk. Dada left for work, kissing us both on the cheek before leaving.

At 7:00 James became restless. Wanting to run around instead of sit still on the bed. He slid off the bed expertly and ran out of the bedroom as I groggily followed. He wanted to watch videos, of course. Videos of himself played in an endless loop of insanity. Yet, it's not insanity, it is lovely. I sip my coffee and read my Google Reader on my cell phone as he happily sits on my lap grinning at himself. Waving at the screen when I ask him to wave in the video. Nodding and shaking his head in agreement in sync with the boy on screen.

After breakfast (half a banana, a multi-grain waffle with jam, and a yogurt) we putter around the house. It is not yet warm enough to head outside for a walk (cold and rainy, still!).

I took a shower and as always I lock James in the bathroom with me. I get into the warm water and he stands on the side of the tub with the curtain pulled high, grin on his face, as he laughs and squeals as the water hits his little head. Inevitably it always looks like we've both showered.

I quickly dress, and fight with the demon in my son to dress him. He hates getting dressed and the entire process takes way longer than it really should. I keep telling him that as soon as he's dressed we can go outside. All he hears is the magical "o" word and runs away from me faster.

Once outside we walk East on our street like we always do. We've never gone West. Never. James leads the way, and East is his direction of choice.

Maybe it is because this favorite tree in the entire world is one house East of us. It is an Atlas Pine and according to James it is heaven on earth. I sit on the neighbors driveway, still making my way through my Reader (where I store all my blogs!) and he happily visits the tree. And kisses it. With an open mouth. True love. (I have a video, I'll upload it soon.)

We continue East, up the road, visit the digger (backhoe that is parked at the top of our street) and the river (just a ditch actually) and the secret house. We always stop at the same spots. James shakes the chain link fence over the ditch. He pounds on a forgotten oil drum on the neighbors driveway. He stomps in puddles and says "rock" over and over again near the rock pile. He obsesses about the digger.

I, on the other hand, just enjoy my boy and the sunshine.

We walk, and enjoy, and visit all the things that toddlers just must visit. And then we head home. Always right around 11:00, in time for lunch and a baby nap.

Today's nap was shorter than expected, but sometimes he'll sleep 2.5 or three hours.

Once he's up we have a snack and do an activity. Today he had a huge gourmet white chocolate cupcake which he thought was awesome (the frosting anyway). I've only given him a cupcake once, but I figured he deserved it, being one and a half and all.

Then we visited Auntie Melissa and saw her new apartment. Some days we go to the park. Others we go to the aquarium. Some days he hang out with friends with other kids. Most the time (at least 80%) James and I hang out alone. Just the two of us.

At 5:30 James is excited for the best part of his day. Dada arrives home. E can't wait to walk in the door, ask "where is my boy?" and see James running from anywhere in the house to give his Dad a big huge hug. Come to think of it, this is one of my favorite parts of the day too.

Five thirty also brings baby dinner, bath time and bed. The ritual in all of it is just lovely. James loves it. I love it. E loves it.

All too soon my kid is off to sleep and E have the evenings to relax, get on the computer and blog.

I love you my one and a half year old. (18 month letter coming tomorrow).

I wrote down a list of words you can say in your 17 month Wolfy post, but wanted to add to it. Here are your new words this month:
  • Book
  • No, no, no. You do this while shaking your little finger. It is the cutest thing ever. I also have a video of this. I better get uploading videos soon.
  • Up
  • Down
  • Uh-Huh! (for yes)
  • Yogart
  • Out
  • Goat
  • Tree and Toy. Both sound the same, a hard "t" sound. We know what he means.
  • He says "Maaa" when asked what a cow says.
  • Car/Truck/Rock - again, all sound the same, but we understand.
  • Digger
  • Gecko - we saw a gecko at the aquarium last week. I kept telling him "gecko" and all of a sudden he repeated me! He says "gekgek" but we know what he's saying.
  • Puddle
  • DAAAA! - Whenever he throws something on the ground, which is a lot these days, he lets out a very loud satisfied "DAAAA!"
Onto Wolfy:
My two favorite shots from today were quite blurry. He's a fast little man.

I asked him to snuggle Wolfy and this is what I got. Full-on snuggles.
Also, since he hasn't had a cupcake since his first birthday I figured I better get my camera out. Glad I did.
The frosting really was delicious.

And from month 1 until now:


  1. Oh my gosh, those beautiful blue eyes in the icing picture. What an incredible photo!

  2. Love this! Great pictures of your adorably handsome guy!

  3. So cute. I love that you placed him in the same place for each of his growing pictures.

  4. I love love love his cow sound. So cute!

  5. Anonymous11:00 AM

    that last photo with the blue eyes and cupcake!!!! LOVE!!! sooooo pretty!

    Auntie Melissa

  6. His eyes are brilliant... love those blurry shots too... nothing says toddler like blurry photos.

  7. so cute, I LOVE the frosting shot, his eyes look just amazing!!

  8. I just love seeing the wolfy photos! You are a wonderful Mama, James is very blessed!

  9. Connie3:47 PM

    He is the most amazing child and we are so lucky to have him in our lives! And those eyes!! Lord help me, he has me melting!


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