Thursday, May 19, 2011

Farmhouse! {part 1}

The last time we were at the farmhouse was September. Last September. Eight months ago. I could have nearly baked a baby in that time! We were gone too long.

Finally, last weekend E and I packed up the car and our boy and headed back down to the farmhouse. We stopped on the way to see the wind turbines and the train but made it in time for James to each some lunch and impress us with an awesome nap in his travel crib (whahoo!).

Once he woke we decided to take a little walk over to the shaved ice shop. This place is amazing. It is an export from Hawaii, and it is the read deal. I can not get enough of the bubblegum shaved ice. Amazing I tell you.

As we were getting ready to walk back to the farmhouse we noticed the HUGE black cloud. E and I were so excited for a rain-free weekend, but alas, the sky opened up on us as we ran back home.

Soon E's family arrived and the rain rolled out. Granny Con, David, Chelsea, Joe and their dog Kody were all there. (E's dad was unable to join us do to a business trip.)

James was as happy as ever.

There were new trees to meet, a new yard to explore and did I mention new trees to meet?
Second photo? LOVE. I love that I can see the joy on both our faces. We make each other really really happy.

One of the things James just figured out how to do is to sit on a ledge or a step. Now that he knows this trick, we can get a photo of him sitting, if we're quick.
As the evening wound down we gave James dinner and bathed him in the huge farmhouse tub. Eight months ago I posted this photo. He's so cute and little.
Here he is now. Looking more like a kid and less like a baby. (Side note, he'll be 1.5 years old next week... my gosh time flies...)
Drying off in the rocking chair last September and now. (Another side note, I've loved publishing Then & Now posts every once in awhile. Check them out.)

Putting James to bed that night was... interesting. I hate hearing my child cry and scream. Hate it more than just about anything. He was tired and scared. It took him a little while to fall asleep, but a few minutes of crying and some rocking in Mama's arms seemed to do the trick. That said, I ended up crying too. I just hate hearing it that much.

Once he was quiet we went outside to enjoy the beautiful evening light. They don't call it magic hour for nothing.

This is E's photo. It is amazing. I didn't get any nearly as good as this. Beautiful.
My brother-in-law Joe. Why didn't I expose for the sky like E's photo above? No idea.
My man.

Brother-in-law David laughing at one of my dirty jokes. And my sister-in-law Chelsea trying to ignore my dirty jokes.

Once the sun set E and Joe went and got everyone pizza and salads. We enjoyed dinner and chatting in the kitchen until way past my bedtime (almost 10:00 pm!). I decided to call it a night when I heard my boy crying upstairs. Luckily he was easy enough to soothe but cried throughout the night every two or so hours. Yuck. Not fun.

Sunday, however, was fantastic. Another post to come. :)

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